Thomas Wahlroos and His Life After Poker

Have you ever though about what happens to the poker pros that stop playing?

Well, some of them obviously go on living average lives, or go broke and live worse-than-average ones. Others continue grinding under secret nicknames, or just find other activities to do. Former Full Tilt Poker sponsored player Thomas Wahlroos decided to try himself out in investing after closing the poker chapter in his life.


According to a Norwegian newspaper Dagens Näringsliv, Wahlroos has made a massive $15 million through his and his father’s investing company. And that is only the last year. Wahlroos has a degree in financing, but before his investing adventures, he was a professional poker player who made more than a million dollars in live tournaments, finishing 3rd at the EPT Paris in 2006, and 7th at the WPT Championship in 2007.

Wahlroos ended his poker life in 2008, when he decided to go into investing. He still plays poker as a hobby, and sometimes he can be found on Full Tilt under the nick ’susisisu’.

The video below was made when Thomas eliminated Phil Hellmuth, who immediately started his usual ranting, of course.