Tom Dwan about to get married?

After being away from the poker circuit for several years finally some good news started circulating about poker sensation Tom „durrrr” Dwan.

Pete Manzinelli from PokerTube had a chance to talk to Brandon Adams after the latter busted in Poker Night in America's King of the Hill III.

Adams who's also a familiar face in the high stakes community provided some good news about Dwan. According to him Tom is still a regular player in the high stakes Macau/Manila games where the participants often battle for 8-figure pots. However it seems like he's getting ready to move back to the U.S. and is about to settle down. Brandon also mentioned a possibility for another poker dynasty as Tom and his fiancée are planning on having babies.

If these news are only fictitious rumours only the future can tell.
The only certain thing is Pokerguru will be keen to inform you about the developments.