Tom Dwan spotted in Ivey's room playing high-stakes cash game

Many people are concerned about 'durrrr's state looking at the picture.

Thanks to Jean-Robert Bellande's Twitter page, fans got a little insight into ARIA's big game, which is a pretty rare occasion and always welcomed by the poker enthusiasts. In his latest tweet JRB posted about the big game in ARIA, where there were some quite interesting participants with the most surprising of all, the legendary Tom "durrrr" Dwan himself.

Everyone, who loves poker is familiar with the "young internet kid", who conquered the live scene back in 2008-2010 while being the king of the online games as well. But after a short time spent in the Las Vegas live poker games, Dwan changed Sin City to the 'nosebleed' Asian private games, where tens of millions change hands in each session.


As these games are closed from the public eye, gossip appears often regarding the participants, results, and shenanigans. It wasn't too long ago when someone stated on an online poker forum that Dwan was captured by the Triads, because of huge sums of debts, but in the recent past, Tom was seen many times at high-roller events, and her beautiful fiancé, Bianco Rosso always helps the fans out with her Instagram photos.

The latest news provided by JRB picture Durrrr in a jacket and sweatpants, which is not surprising considering his usual outfit of choice. However, looking at Tom's red face, many people pointed out that Tom either hasn't slept in years or has some serious health issues.

John met Tom for the first time

Tom was sat next to Partypoker Ambassador Jason Koon and WSOP Main Event champion John Cynn and had about $250K in front of him - which is not a huge stack by Tom's standards.

Is Tom really in a bad shape or is just a bad picture? Let us know what you think!