Top 5 Upcoming US Poker Tournaments in 2020

Poker tournaments are vastly popular with gamblers taking a particular interest in the annual schedule.

With COVID-19 forcing people indoors, the casino industry is suffering. Living in quarantine, however, hasn’t deterred fans from closely following their love for the game. And that is evident from the massive following at live tournaments this year.

Take the top US Poker tournaments, for example. The events were organized this year following strict social distancing rules, with millions of fans closely following the players’ every move live from home. Here’s a list of the top five US poker tournaments scheduled for 2020. Follow this space for exciting casino updates like spin samurai casino reviews.

The 5 Most Popular Annual Poker Tournaments in the US

1. The World Series of Poker – Commonly called WSOP, this is perhaps the most popular poker tournament in the US. The event comprises 60 matches between May and July every year and is a mega festival for poker fans. Apart from massive prize pools, the event is a proving ground for aspiring players.

Every WSOP winner gets a bracelet, which is synonymous with prestige and success. The event started back in 1970 with the finest players of the time wanting to crown a reigning champion. The tournament has grown ever since!

2. The World Poker Tour – Or WPT for short, this event is often credited for sparking a global poker revolution. What initialized as a group of elite poker tournaments, gradually turned into a platform for serious players to prove their mettle.

WPT was the first major tournament to draw mass attention since it was the first event to be broadcasted across TV screens. The tournament gradually moved beyond US boundaries and is currently hosted in South Africa, the UK, and Cyprus every year.

3. WSOP Circuit – With the rising popularity of WSOP, it was only natural to spawn a local version of the event. Called WSOP-C, the tournament is annually hosted across multiple states in the US.

There are 21 stops in total, including some of the best live poker rooms like The Bicycle Casino and Foxwoods. Although the event is relatively local compared to the other tournaments in this list, it’s popularity is unrivaled.

4. WPT Deep Stacks – Born out of WPT’s success, Deep Stacks shares a similar story as WSOP-C. However, unlike the latter, WPT merged with Deep Stacks, an existing local tournament, lending a refined edge to the event.

Sharing standard rules with the first event, Deep Stacks is a proving ground for aspiring professionals and has a massive following with poker fanatics.

5. Heartland Poker Tour – A syndicate poker-based reality television series airing 52 weeks a year. Following the footsteps of top low stakes poker tournaments in the country, HPT was conceived by Todd Anderson and Greg Lang back in 2005.

Aimed initially at the Midwestern crowd, the event slowly trickled onto surrounding states and is massively popular today. The event is the best platform for amateurs seeking to turn pro since it’s more affordable than most pro events.