Top Australian Poker Players of Today

Top Australian Poker Players of Today Poker players nowadays are often over hyped within the regions of America, even though America is considered one of the rookies of the scene.

Aussie poker on the other hand, is very much making waves within the industry of gambling, as we know it. Some of the best poker players in the world, as in fact from Australia, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to discuss some of the industries finest around, that happen to be from the land down under.

Names like Joe Hachem may be familiar for those that bet often and frequently, especially on betting sites like It is very often that you have famous gamblers to put your stakes on, within Australian gambling platforms like this, definitely worth a try, if you are as enthusiastic about Australian gamblers as we are! Take a look at the top players that we have listed down below, who are all Aussie, of course!

Joe Hachem

Hachem shocked the world with his amazing $7.5 million win at the 2005 World Poker Series. He later decided to prove to people that he was not just any kind of player that was lucky, as later down the line in 2006, just a year later, he managed to nab yet another large amount of money, equating to $2.2 million dollars. The fans now do call him the ‘Diamond Joe’, just because he's really managed to just get so much money for himself in his gaming efforts, over the last decade. To date now, it is said he is worth over $12 million, just from his winnings alone. Any personal investments he made and business acquisitions are not included.

Jeff Lisandro

This guy is nowhere near as good as the ‘Diamond Joe’, however, you will find that he is a very entertaining fellow that knows how to capture his audience when he plays poker. He is nicknamed the ‘Iceman’ due to his exceptional poker face antics as he plays-he never gives anything away and that's why people seem to really dig his talent, despite not making the seven-figure paychecks at the moment. His career highlights include, collecting the most World series bracelets within the business, in addition to winning the Aussie Millions title in the year of 2004. He will definitely be going to more places, it's just a case of waiting...

David Steicke

So, David’s career hit off when he began playing in 2007 for 6-figure wins. He managed to get third place in Macau’s Hold’em High Roller tournament. Which really put him on the one to watch list in the poker world. Then just two years later, the 2009 Australia Millions tournament saw him earn the biggest in his career to date, at a $1.2 million payout. Since then, he has been continuing with the tournaments at Crown Casino, which furthered his winnings in total to $3.4 million.

David Gorr

Gorr made the most of his earnings when he was playing the Australia NHL tournament. There he managed to scoop up first place in 2011 and take home over $2.2 million. Since then he has not really made much to that amount of money and word on the street says that his cash flow is not as healthy as that one-off win in 2011. The best thing he's done since that world wind win in 2011, was coming 23rd place in the Sydney series in 2015. Suppose you could say that luck really did help with him. Nevertheless, he is still one of the biggest top earners in any one event to date.

Tyron Krost

Tyron Krost is a poker player that managed to make most of his winnings in the Aussie Millions tournament during 2010. That was the first time in his career that he was noticed, as it seemed that he popped out of nowhere on the poker scene. Nevertheless, he managed to beat the Danish Fredrik Jensen and Canadian Sorel Mizzi to a $2.1 million live poker win. The next tournament that he is really known for, is the 2012 Tournament of champions. There he managed to make himself one of the top winners, alongside the likes of Gus Hansen.

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