Twitch streamer wins incredible weight-loss bet

Jamie Staples alongside with his brother, Matt, achieved an unbelievably ambitious goal, to win the $150,000 prop bet against Bill Perkins.

The bros enjoyed the hospitality of Perkins' at his "Streamboat" at the Bahamas, to stream poker from the yacht. That's when they came up with the seemingly ridiculous bet which would make Jamie and Matt weigh within 1 pounds at exactly 5 pm on March 25th, 2018. As incredible as it looked, the brothers managed to weigh in at the exact same weight of 188.3lb!

Jeff Gross posted on Twitter after the weigh-in

At the start of the bet Jamie was weighing 304 (137.9 kg) pounds, while his brother only 134(60.7 kg), meaning a 170-pound (77.2 kg) difference. Perkins laid 50-to-1 odds, with capping the bet at $3,000, which the brothers took immediately. Jamie thought this was a win-win bet, as the expected life-value of maintaining healthy lifestyle worth much more than $3,000, therefore, making the bet basically a freeroll.

They weighed in at Jason Sommerville's RunItUp Reno event in Nevada. Fellow streamer and poker pro, Jeff Gross was the judge. Their coach, Mike Vacanti was also present at the glorious moment of the victory.

"I am more confident in myself and what I am doing. Life is a lot more fun.” - said Jamie.


(video credit: youtube/Mike Vacanti)