Twitch streamers weight-loss bet is coming to the end

The Staples brothers made an ambitious bet against, high-stakes player and hedge fund manager, Bill Perkins last year in order to make the famous Twitch-streamer focus more on his health. The $150,000 on the line is probably a big motivation.

Jamie Staples was one of the guests on Perkins' "Streamboat" in the Bahamas last March alongside with his brother Matt and as it is usual for Bill, they made a crazy prop-bet for six-figures. As Jamie was suffering from overweight problems - he weighted around 300lb the parties decided to figure out a way to motivate him to do something against it. On the other hand, his brother was pretty skinny - with 134lb.

Perkins gave the two odds of 50:1 with a maximum bet of $3K for the bros if they lose but making them $150K richer if they manage to win. They need to weight within one pound of each other by the 25th of March 2018. With just over two weeks to go the brothers are only 8lb apart to win the bet. After losing 100lb, Jamie posted a shocking before and after photo on his Twitter page:

Before the bet and now

Jamie and Matt have been working together with their coach, Mike Vacanti. He's just arrived at Malta - where Jamie resides - and Jamie took another opportunity to work out as he walked 19 kilometers from his home to the airport, where his coach landed. Their plan is to make Jamie reach his brother's current weight of 187lb.

They obviously want to win the bet and pick up the $150K coming with it, but even if they lose the relatively small amount of $3K the Jamie cam be pretty happy and proud, as he's already seen much more valuable benefits from the bet - which was Bill's initial goal.