Unknown player takes down Sunday Million Anniversary Take 2 for $1 million

Daenarys T of Netherlands' hit their biggest ever score after outlasting a field of over 56,000.

The Sunday Million Anniversary Take 2 generated an incredible huge field. The total number of entrants reached 56,310 with 9,296 places paid. Daenarys T started the day at the 55th place of the 735 remaining players. Each of them was guaranteed $1,102 but the $1 million first prize was probably a good motivation to keep on playing their "A" game. When reaching the final table, the last 9 players were guaranteed $63,229 which could be the top prize for a regular online tournament, but here the number looked pretty modest in comparison with the milli.

You can see the entire final table action with hole cards here:

Or read the recap, if you don't have a spare four hours:

Rippedut was the first player to bust from the final table and they did it in a rather unlucky fashion, as their pocket Aces lost against the Queens of the "Queen", when Daenarys T managed to flop a set and hold.

Kaizerdrea from Norway followed Rippedut. The Norwegian put his last chips in the middle with Ace-Jack which couldn't outdraw the Ace-King of Rick "ThEcLaiMEer" Trigg's. Sholkey989 of Mongolia finished 7th, they lost with King-queen against fellow Mongolian, Noobanx, who had Ace-six.

The British grinder, Rick Trigg finished off Mike180373 of Russia's claiming his second scalp of the final table. Trigg got pretty lucky on the river when he managed to spike a Jack holding King-jack against the Ace-King of Mike's. Hidey7 from the UK fell in the very next hand, they were unable to hit any of their outs with a straight and a flush draw against Daenarys T. Peter788502 of Bulgaria's left the table in fourth place, shipping their last remaining chips to Noobanx' way.

In the 3-handed period, Trigg took the chip lead thanks to his aggressive play. He made a big call on a scary board against Noobanx, who was on a bluff and had to settle for 3rd place. The last two looked at the numbers, considering a possible deal but even a $285k pay jump couldn't make them come to an agreement so they decided to play.

Trigg had a 2-1 lead at the beginning but Daenarys T turned the table around winning a number of hands and took the lead. In the final hand, the Netherlander opened from the button and Trigg defended his big blind. The British grinder then decided to call on all streets on the board of {#}A{#}T{#}8{#}3{#}  putting his entire stack at risk. Daenarys T flipped over {#}A{#}6 which was good against the {#}J{#}T of Trigg's.

Final results:

Place Player Country Prize
1 Daenarys T Netherlands $1,000,043
2 Rick “ThEcLaiMEer” Trigg United Kingdom $715,335
3 Noobanx Mongolia $505,818
4 peter788502 Bulgaria $357,667
5 Hidey7 United Kingdom $252,910
6 Mike180373 Russia $178,834
7 Sholkey989 Mongolia $126,456
8 kaizerdrea Norway $89,418
9 Rippedut Canada $63,229

With a subtle value shove on the river the lesser known Daenarys T, who had only $162,427 in lifetime earnings, took down the title of the biggest online tournament and the $1,000,043 coming with it. ThEcLaiMEer also booked his biggest ever win in form of a $715,335.28 payday.

Daenarys T's top five scores (source: Pocketfives)