Unpaid debts, "tip shaming" and another Ponzi scheme?

Much to the delight of the poker fans, Doug Polk is back with a new Youtube video, where he discusses the hottest poker topics.

One of the most well-known, most hated and most loved poker players/Youtubers, Doug Polk is back in the Youtube streets with new videos - as he promised earlier on his Twitter-page. As usual, Doug discusses the newest poker gossip in the video.

There is a lot to talk about for, with the likes of some serious allegations regarding unpaid debts of Eli Elezra's, rake increase at PokerStars, "tip shaming" at the PCA and NYPokerking stealing player funds.

At the end of the video, Doug takes a moment, to remember of the late Gavin Smith, who recently passed away and even shared the link, where people can support Gavin's children.

Gavin was a real entertainer of the game, an easy-going, genuine person, loved by all of his peers. If you want to support his family, click here!

Watch the full video below: