Video Poker Offers the Challenge of Deciding on Your Next Move

Video poker has been around a long time. Because the interface has some similarities to slots, they were originally called poker slots. Video poker has come into its own since then and is now probably the most popular form of poker played online. There are four good reasons for this.

First, there are as many as 70 variations of video poker online. No brick and mortar casino can possibly offer so many variations of any single game!

Second, the average payout for video poker at all the top online casinos falls in the 98-99% payout range.

Third, whilst you could never get away with doing so at a brick and mortar casino, you can play video poker online using a strategy card. By using a strategy card and making the statistically bets decisions, you can actually gain the upper hand against the house in some video poker variations!

Fourth, you can play in free play mode for as long as you need to get the feel for the variation that most interests you.

All Slots online casino offers over 40 variations of video poker. You never have to wait for a place at All Slots; they have as many games ready to play as there are players!

At All Slots there is a fifth good reason to play video poker. Because of the large number of variations, All Slots provides thorough tutorials of all their video poker games, and all their hundreds of other games as well. There are many online tutorials at other sites that specialize in strategy and odds. These sites are sometimes difficult to understand; they complicate what should be a straightforward teaching moment. The tutorials at All Slots are written in simple language so you can get started quickly. It’s always possible to expand your knowledge later when you have a much better feel for the game!

A Simple Game with a Lot to Learn

There is quite a bit to learn to be able to rank as a top video poker player. You need to know when to hold’em and when to fold’em. You need to know how to read the pay table for the specific video poker variation you want to play. You also need to learn how to read a strategy card. It’s easy if you approach the challenge with patience and the rewards in winning surely are worth the time spent!

Video poker is usually played with a standard deck. If jokers are added, if there is a wild card, or if a second deck is used, the strategy may change dramatically. That’s why the tutorials and unlimited free play at All Slots are so important!


One unusual strategy is to play the maximum number of coins in those video poker games that offer a premium for achieving the highest possible hand. In some variations, there is a premium in wins with the maximum bet for other hands as well. So, for example, if you can afford to bet five coins, choose a game where that’s the highest bet allowed.

Another unusual strategy is to play a multi-hand variation and then to count cards! Counting cards is generally considered a blackjack tactic but in video poker it makes perfect sense to do so because you need to know how many of any given card are left in the deck before deciding how to proceed.

A third unusual strategy move is when you have potentially a high paying hand and at the same time you already have a low paying winning hand. Since the chances of any one card coming out as the next card are equal, you have to say that getting the one card that will earn you a massively big win is as likely as getting a third card for, say, three of a kind. In that situation, the odds normally favor going for the big win even if it means breaking up an already winning hand because the winning hand pays relatively little and the looming big win pays so much more!

Video poker offers hours of exciting poker action, without the pressure of dealing with bluffs. If you love a challenge along with your online casino gaming fun, then video poker may be the game for you!