wangli0402 takes down Sunday Million 13th Anniversary for $611K

However, thanks to a five-handed deal, 't4rz4n_21' walked away with the biggest prize.

The legendary online tournament, the Sunday Million was celebrating its 13th anniversary, and more than 61,000 guests attended the party. The prize pool exceeded the $12 million, which made the event the second biggest tournament of all times.

After the first day, only 980 players were still alive, who were all guaranteed at least a $1,143 payday, but the $1 million+ first prize was probably a big deal for all of them.

The final table of nine formed, after the departure of 'patpef', whose (Kd)(Qc) fell against the (As)(Js) of 'kacer146's. At this time, 'xbambi' was the chip leader, with a stack of over 60 big blinds. When the field got down to the final five, the remaining players decided to take a look at the number for a possible deal. They were able to agree on a deal, which locked $520K for 'kacer148', $550K for 'xbambi', $561K for 'wangli0402' and $625K for 't4rz4n_21' leaving $50,000 for the eventual winner.

Once the deal was sealed, the players didn't mess around for too long, and after scoring several knockouts, 'wangli0402' started the heads-up in the lead over 'xbambi'. The final hand started with the latter, opening with aces, 'wangli' called.

The flop was T-5-4 and all of the money landed in the middle, with the Chinese, 'wangli' holding an open-ended straight draw with 7-6. The three of diamonds on the turn quickly ended the duel and 'wangli0402' from China become the champion of the event.

He/she took home $611,944 for the win, which can be an insane amount for him, considering he/she didn't have any tournaments results or significant cash game wins before the event.

Final table results

*reflects a five-way deal

Place Player Country Prize
1 wangli0402 China $611,944*
2 xbambi Germany $550,689*
3 idzake Romania $509,664*
4 kacer148 Czech Republic $520,535*
5 t4rz4n_21 Greece $625,073*
6 pantherwang2019 China $177,477
7 Sergei “sega1989” Shakhov Russia $125,493
8 RMarland United Kingdom $88,737
9 ZoMbiE2808 Georgia $62,745