Watch "DMoonGirl" beats Lily Kiletto in Bench Press Bet

Lily already has another serious bet against Jamie Kerstetter.

The origin of the bet dates back to the "Ladies Night" on Poker Night in America, where Kiletto had a bet against Kelly Minkin, which drew the interest of the whole table and inspired Danielle "DMoonGirl" Andersen to challenge Lily. They agreed on a $2,000 bench press competition.

Lily believed she could overcome her disadvantage in a month, despite never doing bench press before, unlike Danielle, who does CrossFit on a regular basis. "If I can beat Danielle, then it would be embarrassing for her, and that would bring me great joy," said Kiletto after the bet was set.

"I can squat 300 pounds at the moment, so I'm sure training arms won't be too difficult," she added.

On Sunday the bet went down, with "DMoonGirl" triumphing. The two were starting at 75 pounds and went up from there. Kiletto finished at 95 pounds, while Danielle didn't stop until 120.

The ladies were kind enough to document the process on their Instagrams:

Kiletto already has a bet against Jamie Kerstetter for $1,000 where she has to beat Jamie in a one-mile race.

Stay tuned for the results!