What are the Best Poker Bonuses for New Online Players?

Casino players love bonuses. Slots fans love free spins. Poker Pros cherish comps. Blackjack players enjoy free games. And sure enough, who doesn’t like casino freebies?

They might not always be huge, but bonuses allow us to play our favorite games free of charge. Against that backdrop, here are the best ways to find free poker bonuses, more so, for first time players.

No Deposit Offers

One of the best ways to play poker for real money without risking your cash is to use no deposit bonuses. You receive $5 to $50 you can use to try Texas Hold’em or any other variation of poker. And if you win money in the process, you can cash it out.

Unfortunately, most online casinos give out no deposit bonuses for use at specific slot machines. As a result, finding a no deposit poker reward can be a daunting task. That doesn’t mean you should give up on these gifts. But if you are willing to spend at least £10 of your money at a casino, you could get better bonuses.

First Deposit Offers

As mentioned, spending £10 or more at many online casinos can reward immensely. At most casinos, you receive a 100% match on your deposit. So, if you deposit $10, you receive an extra $10. In the same style, you get €100 for every €100 you spend.

The best casinos, though, could match your deposit up to 500%. Others use a 100% reward formula but match your deposit for a maximum of £1000. This list of online poker bonus casinos can help you find the right gaming website for you. Most of the casinos provide hundreds of games, including live dealer poker.

Second and third Deposit Offers

At many online casinos, bonuses don’t stop after your first deposit. You'll likely get offers when you make a second, third, or fourth deposit. What's more, these offers can be huge, depending on how much you top up. Of course, the size of a bonus isn’t the only thing you should consider when finding poker rewards. Some casinos give you enormous rewards but also place restrictive wagering requirements.

For the uninitiated, wagering requirements are crucial terms of many bonuses. They dictate how much money you must spend at a casino before you can withdraw money won from bonuses. If the amount is too high, you might never cash out your bonus wins.

Daily and Weekly Bonuses

Depending on your casino choice, you could receive free poker bonuses each day of the week. Others could reward you on weekdays or the weekends, depending on their promotions. Regardless, there are poker sites out there that give out bonuses almost every day.

How do you qualify? Register an account at a casino that gives you daily and weekly bonuses. Ensure you deposit and spend the minimum deposit required. After that, find out what it takes to claim daily and weekly bonuses.

Of course, ensure you can use these rewards to play poker. And if you are like Phil Ivey or Daniel Negreanu, you want bonuses through which you can play against other people. That means the casino needs to support live poker games.

Reload Bonuses

If you find an excellent online casino and deposit money severally, there's a chance you could get a reload bonus. In many cases, you get a smaller reward than a new customer. Nonetheless, you receive free money you could use to play your favorite poker game.

The best part of reload bonuses is that they come regularly. Some gambling sites will reward you each time you top up your account. Others do it specific days, like the first Monday of each month. As such, shop around to compare several bonus programs before you choose to become a loyal player at a specific casino.

Ideally, you want a casino that gives out bonuses every time you deposit money. That way, you will always have plenty of cash to boost your bankroll.

Welcome VIP Offers

If you regularly spend $500 or more at casinos, ensure you find VIP bonuses before you join an online casino. You could receive up to £5000 as a VIP reward when you deposit a similar amount at some poker websites.

Of course, many casinos that give out VIP bonuses also have numerous VIP members. So, you’ll have a lot of opponents who spend much money as you do around poker tables. Before you claim the bonuses, however, ensure you read their terms and conditions.

It would be unfortunate if you invested $2000 to receive a similar bonus only to find out you can’t cash out your bonus wins. Similarly, it wouldn’t be fun trying to fulfill 80X wagering requirements on your $2000 bonus.

As such, only claim VIP bonuses at casinos with manageable wagering requirements. Also, ensure you can withdraw your bonus wins no matter the size. What’s more, use a casino with a solid reputation of paying out to winners.

Loyalty Programs

Contrary to popular belief, you can benefit from loyalty rewards even as a new casino customer. However, you must at least spend some of your money once or twice. After that, you'll get included in a loyalty program where you can accrue points and redeem them for exclusive bonuses.

The best loyalty programs award you points you can start to redeem as soon as you hit 100 points. That way, you don’t have to play for months before you can benefit from loyalty schemes.

Exclusive Live Dealer Bonuses

Many casinos with live dealer poker games allow new customers to claim exclusive live poker bonuses. That way, you don't have to play slot machines if poker is your favorite game. The rewards vary from a 100% matched bonus to a specific award to spin roulette wheels twenty times.

Regardless, live dealer bonuses are growing in popularity these days. And judging by how engaging live casinos can be, they will continue to become famous. So, if you've never tried these offers, find a live dealer casino and claim its bonuses.