What are the forecast and opportunity for mobile games market in 2022?

COVID-19 had devastating effects on many markets, but the mobile games market seemed to benefit greatly from the pandemic.

In fact, the first half of 2021 saw the industry generate $44.7b in revenue, with the year-end revenue for 2021 being on course to surpass that of 2020 by far. This increase in revenue generated by the industry stems from an increase in gamers who for the most part are attracted by the intense adverting tactics employed by publishers. 2022 is almost upon us and you must be wondering what the New Year holds for the games markets. Well, keep reading to find out.


Mobile gaming is the fastest growing digital gaming platform. Globally, there are 2.69b mobile game players, expected to generate $90.7b for the industry in 2021, which accounts for 59% of total projected digital gaming revenue. China tops the mobile game market in terms of players, while the U.S. leads in generated revenue.

The gaming industry is projected to generate $196b in 2022. Though the market share of mobile games is expected to increase; maintaining the current share of 59% will amount to over $115b in generated revenue for 2022; with the fast growing Chinese mobile game market projected to make $24.7b.

Free-to-play mobile games generate the highest revenues via in-app purchases and ads. Revenues from mobile game ads increased by 8% between 2020 and 2021, and this is expected to increase further in 2022. Puzzle games are the most popular gaming genre and have generated most of the mobile gaming revenue since the pandemic. However, fast growing genres like RPG, simulation and casino games are expected to see massive revenue generation in 2022.

Casino Games

The casino gaming industry is one of the fastest growing in the market. Gambling legislations across different nations have led to explosions in the number of players playing casino games. The fact that players are able to win real money gambling from the comfort of their homes boosts their appeal and the market has seen an upward trajectory since the pandemic. With many online casinos, players are introduced to the thrill of risk-free winning by getting 50 free spins no deposit required allowing them to play as much as they like. Innovative customer centered offers like this have made online casinos really popular, with the UK reporting a record number of new casino sites in 2021 and further expansions expected in 2022. At the current rate, casino games may be the most revenue generating mobile game genre by the end of 2022 or at least 2024.

Paid Games

Free-to-play games may be the most popular right now, but 2022 is expected to see an increase in revenue generation from paid games. Minecraft, a paid game is one of the highest grossing mobile games, with a lack of in-game ads appealing to a young population. As more gamers get frustrated with the constant in-you-face ads from various apps, it is expected that gravitation towards paid games to at least ensure uninterrupted fun time may increase in the New Year.


What the mobile gaming market boom means for developers is that their efforts can now be better rewarded as their games generate more revenue on a global scale. With an explosion in the number of mobile gamers expected next year, developers have to seize the opportunity for cross-platform development. This may be challenging given the number of different devices with different capabilities, but once handled, cross-platform development will be a gold-mine for developers.

An increasing population of gamers and the inbuilt need to connect means that developers now have an opportunity to create games that allow multi-people connection or chat features while playing. Console games offer this feature with only a handful of mobile games offering the opportunity for gamers to build strong social networks. These games have seen massive revenue generation, as players are more willing to purchase in-game items as a community than individually.

In Conclusion

The mobile games market will expand in 2022. As more high-performance mobile devices roll-out, more gamers will embrace the small screens especially for their convenience creating more revenue for the industry. Besides, with a growing population of people who would rather watch streams of mobile game in-plays on services like Twitch, there is ample opportunity for the industry to expand further. Casino games will benefit in the New Year, as a need for community through online multiplayer mode, alongside the opportunity to win money will increase their popularity.

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