What's Wrong with PKR - Another MGN Room Down?

PKR has suspended their service at the evening of May 3rd and the poker room still isn't back up running, nor have they informed the public about the details behind the shutdown. What's going on?

PKR is best known for their exquisite 3D animation. We're not sure, however, when their users will be able to enjoy those graphics again since the poker room hasn't been operating for two days now. On May 3rd they shut down without any preliminary notice.

Microgaming only responded to the unusal event today, first by releasiing this brief statement on their website: "ISLE OF MAN – Following a request from PKR on Wednesday 3 May 2017 at 17:32, Microgaming suspended gameplay on PKR.com. Microgaming is aware that their games remain offline and players are speculating about the reason for this. As soon as Microgaming has more information on the situation, it will be shared as soon as possible".

The latest development is coming out of the Microgaming Twitter account, the post saying "We can confirm that PKR have experienced recent financial difficulties and are taking professional advice".

This seems to confirm speculations about PKR's financial troubles, since this situation reminded many in the online poker community of the time Full Tilt Poker was going bankrupt.

This comes mere days after another Microgaming room, Triobet closed down, as we reported yesterday.