Where are the highest games really played?

Some say Macau, others think it's the Philippines, while others clearly point at the games surrounding Leon Tsoukernik. What is the truth?

"They are playing like $50million pots if the game gets really big"

Sam Trickett has seen it all. He's been a huge winner in the highest of high-roller tournaments, with a $10 million payday coming from the Big One for One Drop event alone. The Englishman is also a regular at the sky-high cash games all around the world, but according to his latest interview with the Mirror, there are games too high even for him.

The ex-football player recalled a day when he was sweating one of his friends, who played blackjack for $500,000 a hand. Despite his unmatched success at the poker tables, this kind of gamble is out of Sam's reach.

He even talked about the biggest poker cash games in the far-east, a scene which interests the poker fans the most, thanks to the private nature of it. As Sam said, he used to be a regular in those games, he even saw a $20 million pot once, where “a friend of mine bluffed it all off to a businessman, which is pretty stupid.” “You probably shouldn’t be bluffing billionaires too often because they’ve got so much money they are going to call!”

However, after a while, the Macau games have gotten so high, even Sam had to stay away. “But my friends that I talk about are playing bigger all the time. They are playing like $50million pots if the game gets really big.

“I used to play in it when it was a smaller game but it has just got too big for me now; it is absolutely massive.”

Just recently gossip has emerged of another nosebleed game, where the infamous owner of the King's Resort, Leon Tsoukernik and his friends played a casual €20K/€40K PLO session. It is pretty usual by now, that the "Leon games" play huge thanks to the wealthy regular participants like legendary casino executive, Bobby Baldwin, Dusk Till Dawn casino owner, Rob Yong or alleged Bitcoin multi-millionaire, Matt Kirk.

Living the life

There are quite a lot of comments on the internet implying that the numbers are correct, but according to the results and the sizes of the pots, this might be a slight overexaggerating. There are several posts on the internet, where people claim to have witnessed or heard of €2 - €3 million pots but none of the participants verified this information.

Even though private cash-games are always secretive, it's safe to say the current biggest games on the planet are some of the games run by Leon and the games in Macau and Manila. Regarding the stakes, our educated guess would be between $5K - $10K and $50K - $100K - with the latter being pretty rare with no pros allowed to play.

Feel free to verify or deny our thoughts in the comments!