Which casino games have the best odds?

Whether you enjoy playing in a brick-and-mortar casino, or online somewhere like: https://casino.betfair.com/ , there’s nothing like the thrill of a win – no matter how small.

Most people believe that casino games are all about luck, but with some, there is also an element of probability and statistics involved. With that in mind, which casino games have the best odds? And is there a way of improving your chances of success? Read on to find out more.


Blackjack is one of the easiest casino games to play and also offers one of the strongest odds of winning, with both factors contributing to its popularity. In blackjack, you only play against the dealer and the aim of the game is to beat them, either by them going bust or you getting closer to the target of 21. The house edge in blackjack could be as little as 0.5%, if you use the right strategy.

Some of the ways of increasing your chances of winning are based on common sense; for example, ‘hitting’ if your first two cards amount to eight points or fewer, or ‘sticking’ if the cards value between 17 and 21. However, slightly more risky and complicated is the strategy to ‘stick’ if the dealer has between 2 and 6 and hit if the dealer has anything higher than 7, but your cards range between 13 and 16 points. Similarly, if you have 12 and the dealer has 4, 5 or 6, you should stick; but if he has 2, 3, 7 or higher, it’s recommended that you double down. It’s best to look into the strategies first so you understand how to play to your advantage.


Looking for a no-frills game with basic rules but a pretty good chance of winning? Well then, baccarat is for you – particularly if you enjoy playing blackjack, as to some extent, there are similarities between the two. You simply need to bet on yourself, the banker or a tie and once the cards are drawn, whoever is closest to nine wins. Simple, huh? The house edge is as little as 1.06%, making it a great choice, if you’ve got the bankroll.

Unfortunately, there are no sure-fire ways of increasing your chances of winning, as you cannot influence the cards you receive. You could always note the score of each game and see if any particular pattern emerges, but of course this isn’t going to mean you win the next hand. However, if in doubt, bet on the banker – it’s the safest bet, bearing in mind the house odds and numbers advantage.


Dependent on which version of roulette you play, the house odds with vary. For example, European roulette has a house edge of 2.7% because it has the numbers 1-36 as well as a 0; however, American roulette has 1-36, a 0 and 00, giving it a house edge of 5.26%. Thus, the European version is more favourable to the player.

There are several bets you can place, which all have differing odds, dependent on their likelihood of hitting. For example, betting on red or black, odd or even, high or low, will offer the shortest odds because it’s effectively a 50/50 gamble, and these offer pay-outs of 1:1. However, betting on a single number has much greater odds as the likelihood of your number coming in is slimmer – this bet offers a pay-out of 35:1.

There are a number of strategies that have been thought up in order to improve your game; however, none of these are a given and it’s best to find the strategy to suit you. The easiest strategy to understand, which is fairly low-risk is the D’Alembert strategy, which sees players increase their bet by 1 whenever they lose, or increase it by 1 when they win. You could similarly do the reverse and increase your bet by 1 when you win and decrease it by 1 when you lose.