Why Do You Think More Rake is Better? Polk's #RakeIt Contest

Doug Polk is still hung up on Negreanu's notorious comment about more rake being better. He's hosting a contest with Joe Ingram to see who can come up with the funniest ways to argue on the side of Negreanu.


You can still submit your own memes until April 10th to RakeItContest@gmail.com, and if WCGRider himself finds your memes dank enough, you can be one of the 10 winners who will receive Ingram's book Chasing the Poker Dream, one year-long subscription to an Upswing Poker Lab course and you'll even get an actual garden rake signed by Polk - afterall, the more you have of those, the better.

Polk admitted on his YouTube channel that he was hesitant to announce the contest, but recent changes to PokerStar's VIP program, which means an 80-85% cut in rakeback to some players, convinced him to go ahead with the idea.

Here are some of the entries that you need to top if you're looking to win the prizes: