Will High Tides Raise All Ships? How Synergy Will Keep All Betting Verticals Afloat

Online gaming activity has been on the up over the last three years. The actions of the US Department of Justice in 2011 caused the digital betting sector to take more than a few backward steps, not just in North America. 

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However, through a process of innovation and collaboration, things have gradually improved. Of course, external factors have also helped. Today, online entertainment is bigger than it’s ever been. For example, you only have to look at Netflix to see an upturn in interest.

Digital Boom Benefits All Online Operators

Although Netflix is cagey when it comes to releasing viewing figures, we know the Irishman was streamed 26 million times during its first week on Netflix.. That’s an impressive stat. However, just a few months later, in January 2020, viewing figures were even higher. As well as hitting recording numbers in Q1, Netflix Europe was forced to reduce bandwidth by 25% to, essentially, stop the internet from breaking. This move towards online entertainment by the general consumer has also benefitted poker sites.

All the major operators have seen traffic and revenue increase since 2017. In response, tournament guarantees have been upped and events such as the Online WSOP Super Circuit Series have been created. The same is true for online casino sites. Having more players has led to more promotions, games and innovations. Is this a case of high tides raising all ships? And, if so, why are the tides so high? We know that poker and casino games have always been closely linked. However, in recent years, an epistemic shift has seen them become even closer.

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A Broad Net Attracts More Casuals

Over the last decade, “casuals” has become the operative word for both sectors. In other words, poker and casino operators have been working to attract more non-gamers. We can see this thanks to innovations such as live games. Today, “livecasinos UK” has become a popular phrase because these games speak to all players. The combination of live entertainment, betting and social interaction have made the likes of Betsafe Live Infinite Blackjack and Lightning Roulette a hit with the masses.

The same can be said for innovations like fast-fold poker tables and lottery-style tournaments where prize pools are randomized. By making online poker less predictable, speeding up the pace and, in essence, making luck more of a determining factor in the outcome, sites have engaged more casuals. Of course, poker remains a game of skill. However, if the same people win all the time, newbies and novices quickly lose interest. The latest creations from the top poker sites have sought to give casuals more bang for their buck. With this being the case, poker and casino gaming are more closely linked than ever.

This suggests that a boom for one is going to result in a boom for the other. Online casinos can attract new sign-ups from the poker world and vice versa. Online betting and gaming is no longer a fragmented industry. That, in reality, is one of the main reasons it’s grown since 2011 and, in the UK, is now worth more than £5 billion. Yes, the rise of digital entertainment has helped. However, it’s the focus on casual players that’s brought operators together for the common good. Using a combination of collaboration and innovation, things have improved. The trick now is to create more crossovers between the two sectors so that all ships in the industry can continue to rise with the tide.