WSOP Main Event Day 6 – Theo Jorgensen Takes the Lead

The Danish Theo Jorgensen is leading the WSOP Main Event after the end of Day 6, followed by Michael Mizrachi, William Thorson and Alexander Kostritsyn.
205 players started Day 6 of the Main Event. Canadian poker player Evan Lamprea started the day as chipleader, with a stack of 3,564,000.

At the 22nd blind level,  John May said goodbye to the tournament. He was the only player who could have beaten Joe Cada’s record from last year, being the youngest player to win the Main Event. Cada won the 2009 ME just one week before his 22nd birthday. May celebrated his 21st birthday on Day 1D, he thus would have been able to set an unbeatable record, 21 being the minimum age to be able to enter a casino.

Although he did not succeed, John May managed to take 164th place, taking home $52,102.

The race has also ended for Johnny Chan, who went all-in with a pair of Jacks, and got called by Jonathan Driscolli, holding Aces. No help came for Johnny.

Johnny Chan
Johnny Chan

A bit later, Phil Galfond raised from UTG with a pair of Sixes, and got re-raised by Josue Sauvageau. Following a ten-minute-long talk about gestures and body signs by Phil, he finally decided to go all-in with his Sixes, and got called by Sauvageau, who had pocket Jacks. Phil’s pair died on the neutral board.

Phil Galfond
Phil Galfond

At the 24th level, the British poker pro, JP Kelly got busted by Theo Jorgensen, holding TT against Theo’s AJ. The flop brought two Aces, and Theo became chipleader.

Theo Jorgensen
Theo Jorgensen

Christian Harder, Juha Helppi, Robert Mizrachi and Ian Gordon were also sent home packing.

78 players will return to Day 7 of the Main Event, which will then come down to 28 players, and the November Nine on Day 8.

Tournament Leaders after Day 6:
Theo Jorgensen - 9,300,000
Michael Mizrachi - 7,535,000    
John Racener - 7,200,000    
Jonathan Driscoll - 6,570,000    
William Thorson - 6,525,000    
Matthew Jarvis - 6,125,000    
Edward Ochana - 5,950,000
 Alexander Kostritsyn - 5,715,000
 Cuong Nguyen - 5,650,000
 Joseph Cheong - 5,555,000

Other chip counts worth reviewing:
Matt Affleck - 5,315,000
Jonathan Duhamel - 4,295,000
Bryn Kenney - 3,830,000
Eric Baldwin - 2,135,000
Johnny Lodden - 2,105,000
Mark Meloche - 1,780,000
David Baker - 1,635,000
Tony Dunst - 1,550,000
David Benyamine - 1,540,000
Jean-Robert Bellande - 700,000 
Peter Jetten - 675,000