WSOP Main Event reaches Day 4

Many of the biggest names fell, while some top pros are still amongst the final 310.

The field is already deep in the money, a $37,705 payday is guaranteed for all of the remaining players. Florida's Barry Hutter is the current chip leader, Barry Hutter, a bracelet winner from Sarasota, Florida. Barry has a massive stack of 5,597,000 which equals almost 280 big blinds. The Floridan grinder is followed by Alexander Haro, who sits on 5,031,000. The more players managed to cross the 4 million mark, Brian Altman has 4,861,000 while Mar del Plata 4,506,000.

The day saw plenty of hot shots leaving their tables. Phil Ivey, Lacey Jones, Max Altergott, Jake Cody, Pierre Neuville, Barry Greenstein, Allen Cunningham, Johnny Chan, Todd Brunson, Liv Boeree and Jonathan Duhamel have all been busted.

Even though, Ivey started the day strong - he even crossed the million mark - he quickly lost it back. In his final hand, Ivey opened to 22,000 and called a 3-bet against Altman. On the flop of QJ2 Ivey check-called 60,000 and both players checked the 8 turn. The 3 hit the river and Phil checked once again. Altman counted out a bet of 195,000 this time and Ivey announced all-in. Brian went into the tank and after 2 minutes made the call. Ivey turned over 9s9c and Altman showed QJ for top two pairs to knock out one of the most feared players in the history of the game.

"Given the spot," Altman said afterward, "I took a relatively short amount of time for the river call, probably 90 to 120 seconds. My hand was just too strong to fold. I thought he was very capable of turning hands like and black tens and black nines into bluffs as well as something with the ace of spades in it. So, I just went with my gut."

Despite plenty have fallen, there are still a number of well-known players in the field. Shannon Shorr and Brian Yoon both have over 3 million, while Ben Pollak, James Obst, James Akenhead and Shaun Deeb all bagged 2 million+.

Notables with a stack between 1 and 2 million are: Cliff Josephy (1,985,000), Ivan Demidov (1,290,000), Antonio Esfandiari (1,260,000) or Paul Volpe (1,070,000). This year's Main Event is the biggest in 12 years with a $74 million prize pool and $8.8 million for the eventual winner. The action continues on Saturday, July 14.