WSOP Week Four Recap

Our last update was 12 bracelets ago. Current number of events where golds have been given out: 46.

2015 Main Event champion Joe McKeehan wins the $10K Limit Hold'em Tournament

In this tourney 2 BBs was the biggest you could raise/bet - that's why the final hand turned out to be somewhat anti-climactic. Runner-up Talarico was forced to shove his last big blind that McKeehan had blind-called before the cards were even dealt. This is how the $311K first prize was eventually decided with a T5 off vs. 43 off "epic" showdown - McKeehean's pair of 5s he made on the turn was good enough to give the Main Event champion his second bracelet.

Dmitry Yurasov wins $10K NLHE Six-Max

The Russian pro managed to top the 332-player field while playing against 5 players at most at a time and win $775,923 along with his first WSOP bracelet. Yurasov had only two WSOP cashes before, but in Europe he has won big in tournaments - his biggest live cash came from an EPT high roller in Prague in 2013 until his most recent, over $700K win.

Chris Brammer triumphs in the $5K No-limit Hold'em

The Englishman won his first bracelet that earned him $527K. Now he's won more than $1 million on WSOP events, more than half of his total live tournament earnings which is $1.8 million as of now.

Chris Vitch comes in first in the $10K 7-card Stud Hi-Lo

This is a game you'd have a tough time finding in a land casino or online outside the WSOP. Each player gets dealt two hole cards face down, and one door card face up. The lowest door card opens the action, and this time suits are also ranked in relation to each other. From low to high: Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts and Spades. The betting countinues on three more streets where the cards are dealt face up, each round the strongest hand open has to act first. On the last street, the river card the players get is once again face down before the last round of betting. In the hi-lo version, the high hand takes half pot while the low hand takes the other half.

Chris Vitch emerged victorious from the 125-player field and won his second WSOP golden bracelet.

Other completed events since last week's update: 

$5K No-limit Hold'em Six-Handed - Nadar Kakhmazov wins

$1K No-limit Hold'em - Thomas Reynolds

$1,500 7-card Stud Hi-lo - Ernest Bohm

$1,500 Pot-limit Omaha - Loren Klein

$3K H.O.R.S.E - Matthew Schreiber

$1,500 NLHE Shootout - Ben Baruch

$1,500 Pot-limit Omaha Hi-Lo - Nathan Gamble

$3K Pot-limit Omaha 6-handed - Luis Calvo

Meanwhile, there has been a big mix-up in the POY point chase. Last week's leader Obst is down to 6th place, and Mike Leah is in the lead with 542.99 points - his highest WSOP finish is 7th place in the $10K No-limit 2-7 Lowball Draw tournament this year.