XBLINK – Is the Isildur of UB Now Playing on Full Tilt?

While the Swedish high stakes player Isildur1 had won and then lost huge amounts of money on Full Tilt Poker, a new player, XBLINK started a career on UB by building a bankroll of $800,000 out of as little as $11 in just one month. Is he a new wonder outclassing everyone or is he simply lucky? XBLINK had previously made more than 20 deposits of $500 in different poker rooms, but went bankrupt in all cases.

XBLINK registered to UB’s $11 tournament with his last dollars in November 2009, and his winnings started a fairytale-like series of success. He took the $750 he had won at this tournament to PLO and NLHE cash game tables and the next day he already had $4,000. In the next few days this sum grew to $20k - $60k, and he was already playing $25/$50, $50/$100, $100/$200 and $200/$400. XBLINK’s bankroll was $833,193 on the 11th December.

According to PokerTableRatings XBLINK’s current UB balance is $990,010 with 157,764 hands played. His winrate is 3.67BB/100.

He also joined the conversation on the 2+2 forums. Check out what he commented on the issue under the name 89blist.

Although there has been no official confirmation, it is more than likely that he has relocated his headquarters to Full Tilt Poker, where he is said to be playing under the nickname XWINK. He didn’t start on the highest stakes, but quickly worked his way up and in the past few days he has already played on NLHE stakes like $200/$400 and $300/$600. According to statistics made by PokerTableRatings, he has lost $169,906 in 28,227 hands so far.

As PTR creates report cards based on the stats of the different players, I had a look at both XBLINK and XWINK’s data, and, although no clincher came up, it is for sure that the two players work with pretty much the same style when it comes to high stakes poker.

Here are the report cards for XBLINK and XWINK:



If these two nicknames really cover the same person, it will be interesting to see how UB’s most famous player performs among durrrr and all the other Full Tilt players.