You Can Earn With This! Introducing How to Bet Baseball in Sports Betting

There are currently many ways to bet on sports, but if you specifically want to bet on baseball, there are a couple of things you should learn first.

First of all, you should know that there are many platforms to place your bets, such as

Those websites offer you the possibility to win money by playing, so you can make a profit while having fun. However, in the following detailed explanation of how to bet, you will learn how to increase your chances of success.

Types of Bets and Tips for Betting On Baseball

There are three main baseball betting lines: Money Line, Run Line, and Run Total. Below we will explain each one in detail so that you can apply these concepts perfectly in your winning bets.

Money Line

This is basically option 1 2 (one or the other wins) because you must choose one of the teams that you think has the best chance of winning. It is advisable to review the last 10 or 15 games to see at what moment the team is and if it's actually worth betting on it. The plus (+) or minus (-) signs on the money lines indicate which team is most likely to win.

For example, a minus sign (-) on the money line indicates the favorite and the price. A plus sign (+) on the money line indicates the team that is the underdog to win. With this type of bet, the points are not taken into account when deciding the winner of the bet. Your bet can be of the “action” type (no listed pitcher), with one listed pitcher, or with both listed pitchers.

A listed pitcher is a bet for/against a specified pitcher, regardless of the other starting pitcher. If the specified pitcher is not a starter, the bet is considered "invalid". (Examples: "Red Sox versus Helling" indicates a bet against Helling. "Helling against Red Sox" indicates a bet in favor of Helling).

Racing Line

Race line bets are a special baseball bet. You can think of a race line bet as a combination of the money line bet and the total. Like the money line, a bet on the racing line is linked to a price. However, unlike money line bets, there is also a number next to the bet. The number indicates how many runs will be added to or subtracted from the total runs scored by just one team. This result is used to determine the winner of the bet.

For example, the Dodgers could be listed at 1.5, to determine the winner of the bet, 1.5 runs will be added to the Dodgers score. On the other side of this bet would be the Mets with -1.5, to calculate the winner of this bet, 1.5 runs will be subtracted from your team's total score. All race line bets use listed pitchers.

Total Runs

The total runs option indicates the total number of runs that both teams will score. In the bets on the total of races, a number is indicated and the option “more than” (over) or “less than” (under) must be chosen. If you bet on the “less than” option, for example, it means that you believe that the total points obtained by both teams in the match will be less than the number indicated. All race total bets use listed pitchers.

Major Baseball Leagues in the World


It is without a doubt the best league in the world, due to its quality of talent, and the conditions of the stadiums. Founded in 1876 Major League Baseball is the league that every player in the world wants to play in. Its operations are based in Manhattan (NY) and the league is governed by the Major League Baseball constitution that was written in 1875.

It has 6 divisions (AL West, East, Central, and NL East, West, and Central) and two leagues ( American and National). They play a 162-game season with their playoffs having 3 wild cards each and 3 division champions culminating in the World Series which is the most-watched ball series in the world.

Nippon League

It is the Japanese professional baseball league, in terms of game level, we can say that it is only behind the MLB. The league has a season of 146 games and two leagues which are the Central and the West. The league plays six days a week with every Monday off. The league uses a smaller ball, strike zone, and park size than MLB.

Also, the Nippon League has exported several star players to the MLB. In the World Baseball Classic, the Japanese national team, composed mostly of Japanese players, has two championships and a third competition. This says a lot for the level of talent in this league.

Mexican Baseball League

This league has a good level, as many MLB players go there after having their pick. The league was founded in 1925 and has branches such as the Liga de Norte Mexico and La Liga de Academia Mexicana. There are 16 teams on this circuit and it has two divisions (North and South). The season runs from the middle of March to the middle of August.

Korean Baseball Organization (KBO)

It is a very strong league, with a considerable competitive level considering the number of players that export to other leagues in the world as well. The league plays 144 games in the year and was founded in 1982. The national team is made up mostly of players from the league and has a sub-championship and two semi-finals in the World Classic and a Premier 12 title.

Final Advice

Around the world, there are more and more people who join this betting mode. There are many different options for betting on baseball, but it is best to familiarize yourself with the mode that you like the most so that you enjoy playing and increase your chances of winning.