Ziigmund and Power Poker Appear in a New Finnish Rap Video

Ziigmund known as a party animal doesn't let his reputation down in the latest Finnish rap videoclip,  which also features Power Poker. The videoclip named Pojat On Poikii featuring Elastinen & Spekti was published yesterday by Rähinä Records and was made by Uniikikki, a well known Finnish rap band. As per usual the rap video features hot girls, fancy cars and a ton of cash.

"The video tells the story of how the guys go out to spend the night with Ziigmund. First it's all champagne and pretty ladies until things finally get out of hand. It's completely over the top with all the hip hop cliches included! It's just a funny story, we're not out to offend anyone," Uniikki explains.

The four and a half minute video was shot at the Burleski Club, in a penthouse and on the night streets of Helsinki.

"We filmed rap-video two weeks ago and Its out now...Its really cool I think and everybody is happy now....Power Poker was producer/sponsor etc etc...Rapper is Uniikki feat.Spekti and Elastinen and Im some fcking host or special guest or some like that..Those guys are top rappers in Finland...Filming was super funny and there it is..its fcking hot....warning for girls dont squirting and get 20 orgasm in a row," says Ziigmund in his latest blog post.

Juokse Poika Juokse
Uniikki - Pojat On Poikii feat: Elastinen & Spekti
Album: Juokse Poika Juokse
Rähinä Records

Unlike other sponsorship deals, who usually only get a few seconds to publicize their brand Power Poker and Ziigmund got featured throughout the whole videoclip.

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