Ziigmund Partying Across Europe

Though we haven’t really heard of Ziigmund and his parties for quite a long time, in his latest blog post Ziigmund tells the public about his trip to Cannes, illustrated with photos of all the rich and famous people who were there at a VIP party organised by Power Poker and Victory Poker. We can see Paris Hilton, Esfandiari, nice ladies with blown-up lips and military swimsuits and cocktails everywhere.

Ziigmund and Paris Hilton in Cannes

Ziigmund and Paris Hilton


Ziigmund also writes about one of the pool parties he was at earlier in Cannes. Here, he managed to get his fellow countryman, the most popular young Finnish actor Jasper Pääkkönen into the pool, along with his Olympus camera. Ziigmund apologizes in his blog post, but I don’t think there is any need to be worrying about their relationship, since the main point in it is probably just to get some media attention.

Ziigmund in the water

Ziigmund in the water in Cannes

Ilari Sahamias

Ziigmund has also taken part in a poker affiliate conference in Prague, where (according to him) he had nothing else to do than to party. He has now returned to Finland, where he continues his drinking binge, set to end in August according to him. It is interesting to see, that while the rest of the poker world is in Las Vegas at the WSOP, he does nothing else than partying and drinking.

Let’s just hope he keeps having a good time, and I’m sure he will still have a few nice days to be grinding at Full Tilt Poker this summer. I’ll be on the look-out to keep you all updated.

Enjoy Ziigmund’s photos!