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The Hague: Poker is Not Gambling

At the Court of Justice in The Hague poker has recently been judged not being a gambling game, according to Dutch laws.

In 2006 commenced a lawsuit in the case of players who were accused of organising illegal gambling, poker to be precise. Despite poker had been considered gambling since 1998, the Court thought it otherwise and dropped the charges.

Peter Plasman
Advocate Peter Plasman

A General Strike is About to Break Out on

The model had been set up at the French PokerStars site, and players of now following suit by planning to paralyze cash game tables this Sunday. The strike is already under planning on 2+2.

As I have mentioned in the post linked above, players at have to pay a larger amount of rake, than players at Clubpoker organized a strike, and on the 4th July the French players invaded the cash game tables at to go on sit-out, thus protesting against the high rake fees. 

PokerStars strike
Click to enlarge

On the 2+2 forums, another strike is planned to be held, but this time on Their main goal is to represent solidarity with the French, although several other goals have been discussed. One of the organizers; ’real fix’, for example, would recommend the following slogan: 

"We cannot keep playing against the French and Italian fish. Please join our global strike!"

The strike will be held on Sunday, 11th July (4-7 pm GMT). The organizers are requesting the players that choose to join the strike to buy in at ten cash game tables with one tenth of their bankroll (if, for example, we have $1000, we should sit down to 10 NL1000 tables). This is to make sure that the strike does not only affect micro-limit tables. 

WSOP Main Event – We Have the Exact Numbers!

As I have mentioned yesterday, the number of World Series Of Poker Main Event participants was an estimated 7,000 players. 


Well, here is how the numbers exactly worked out for this year’s Main Event: 

Day 1a - 1,125

Day 1b - 1,489

Day 1c - 2,314

Day 1d - 2,391

These add up to 7,319, the second largest WSOP player field of all times, the first one being 8,733 players, reached in 2006.

Liv Boeree and – Not Parting Ways, Just Renegotiating

There have been several rumors during the WSOP, stating that Liv Boeree and her sponsor, will stop cooperating. PokerNews Daily, however, has information saying that the two sides are only renegotiating. 

Liv Boeree

Liv has won the EPT San Remo Main Event, with which she gained a stunning $1.7 million.

Although Liv’s contract with UB has truly expired, according to a UB spokesman they are discussing renewing of the contract. 

“Liv’s contract has expired. We are in contract renegotiation discussions now.” 

PokerStars WCOOP Schedule Available!

2010’s World Championship of Online Poker is scheduled to start on September 5th, with a total of 62 events to be held. 


The opening day of the WCOOP will feature the $215 NLHE Six-Max event, a $10,300 NLHE High Roller Tournament and a $215 Two-Day event. 

The $5,000 Main Event will be held on 26th September at 17:00 ET. 

The tournament schedule basically features all the popular poker variants and buy-in amounts, so that every player will surely find several suitable tournaments to take part in. 

Below, you can find the full preliminary schedule for the 2010 WCOOP:

Interview with WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel has recently released an interview with WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel. Besides some advice for beginners and also regarding registration to the latter days, Effel provides insight into the way he and his team deal with the tension of organising WSOP, the ‘Olympics of Poker’. No wonder they confess to tend to get drawn into playing themselves.

Jack Effel

WSOP Main Event Bound to Have Over 7,000 Players

As I have hinted earlier, already at the beginning of the WSOP Main Event it was estimated to house over 7,000 participants.

Ziigmund Uses His Full Tilt Winnings to Finance a Movie

Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies, one of the most feared players at online high stakes tables is spending his summer traveling, drinking and thumbing his nose at the WSOP

He has now come up with the idea that he would use part of the money he collected at Full Tilt Poker to support the Finnish film industry.

Ilari ‘Ziigmund’ Sahamies

The movie is in the making at the moment, and will tell the story of C.G.E. Mannerheim, the Commander-in-Chief, Marshal and later President of Finland during the second World War. He is celebrated as a national hero for not giving in to the Germans and supporting his citizens at all times.

C.G.E. Mannerheim
C.G.E. Mannerheim

The amount of money Ziggy puts into this movie has not yet been declared, but it is for sure, that he will cover at least 10% of the filming costs.

The movie is set to be introduced world-wide in the fall of 2011.

Djk123 is the Latest Member of the Brunson 10

Doyle Brunson is putting together his own pro team at Doyle’s Room. Before the start of the WSOP, Doyle announced that he had chosen four online poker players, out of which one would become part of his pro team, based on their performance at the WSOP.

These four players were Daniel ‘djk123’ Kelly, Faraz Jaka, David Sands and Michael Martin.

Although this has been his first WSOP, Kelly was thought to have the greatest chance to win, even before the launch of the Series. Seeing his current results, this is understandable.

Daniel Kelly

The Best of PokerStars' Show 'The Big Game'

PokerTube made a 2-part compilation available evoking the most memorable moments of The Big Game show. The events star among others Phil Laak, Daniel Negreanu, Jason Mercier, Joe Cada and some talented loose cannons as well.

Eurosport Poker Joins the OnGame Network in France

Bwin has recently signed Eurosport Poker to the OnGame Network in France.


A popular brand all over Europe, Eurosport Poker and the Eurosport TV channel are owned by TF1, which already operates a UK-facing betting site on the OnGame Network.

With Winnings Over $11 Million, Is it Time to Stop?

Peter Eastgate, WSOP winner of $9.15 million in 2008 and another sum of around $2 million on following races, released a statement via PokerStars, his sponsor, on 6 July.

Peter Eastgate

The statement reads as follows:

2006 WSOP Champion Jamie Gold Is Out

Jamie Gold, winner of $12 million on the 2006 WSOP Main Event, has already said goodbye to this year’s championship in just about a few hours into the game.

Gold’s behaviour suprised the participants, as when reaching the money bubble, he threw in his chips and his hand without even taking a look at it, announcing that he would be drinking in the bar in case anybody wanted to see him. He also added that he won an ’incredible’ amount of money with a bet.

Jamie Gold
Jamie Gold with his 2006 Main Event Winnings

California Proposal on Online Poker Legalisation Delayed

Democrat State Senator Roderick Wright has proposed than repealed a draft legislation to legalise and monitor online poker and gambling in California, USA. Consensus on the proposal seems distant as several groups of various interests are protesting against it in its present form.

California Republic

Phil Ivey, the WSOP and His Bracelet Bets

The Full Tilt Poker Channel has just made a video interview with Phil Ivey, in which he shares his opinion on the WSOP, his performance at the tournaments and Las Vegas in general.

Phil was not very keen to talk about his bracelet bets, which have been attracting a lot of attention since the start of the WSOP. What he did tell, though, is that he didn’t bet against anyone except one person, whose identity remains a mystery.  

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