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A Hotel with a Difference

There are a lot of serious and breathtaking hotels to select from in Paris, but there is only one that is a must-see for the wealthiest. The Hôtel Le Bristol is a stunningly elegant and prestigious French creation, currently being owned by the German Oetker family. It might be because of the German running of the hotel that everything seems to run perfectly and precisely. It seems like the word ‘mistake’ has been deleted from the vocabulary of the hotel staff.

Residing beside the Élysée Palace, it is no wonder that the French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni are regular guests there. The style and architecture of the hotel resembles the velvet-like luxury, characteristic of the early 20th century. The wellness quarter within the hotel offers a state-of-the-art spa surrounded by the theme of a 19th century yacht which is carried through the furniture, floor and fresco to give us the feeling of being aboard a boat.

Ferrari Lets Buyers Wait for the New 458 Italia

Ferrari‘s latest supercar, the 458 Italia impressed and drew in the crowd when it made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show on the 15th September 2009. The 458 Italia which is the replacement for the sought after F430, and is considered one of the most wanted supercars.

Ferrari 458 Italia

Despite it costing around $280,000 USD, buyers worldwide are still lining up to get their hands on the new 458 Italia. But having the cash and going down to your local dealer will not get you seated in your new 458 Italia straight away. Buyers will have to wait to enjoy their new ride with Ferrari recently announcing that there is a 2 year worldwide waiting list.

This is not an uncommon occurrence for Ferrari to let its customers wait for their new car because of the simple fact that every Ferrari is built to order. Every single car is different.

World Cup Gamblers ‘Smoking Vulture Brains’ to Beat Bookies

With the World Cup 2010 starting today, bookies are getting ready to cash in on the multimillion dollar betting industry which is tired to the game. With the odds stacked up-against them, gamblers who place bets at the World Cup usually base their betting decisions on knowledge of the game and sometimes just rely on quick guess. But some gamblers believe they can improve their chances of predicting match results and have turned to South African voodoo magic in order to do so.

South African Vultures
South African Vultures

It is claimed by smoking the endangered South African Vulture brains it will give the user visions of the future. The so called custom stems from a traditional medicine in South Africa known as muti. The dried out brain of the vulture is said to sell for around $6.50 for a tiny vial of it.

The Next Generation of iPad Users

I recently wrote about the new iPad released by Apple. I was amazed to find out how simple and easy it was to use. I was wondering if it can be used for online poker, too.

Upon looking for videos on the iPad I came across this toddler first encounter with an iPad. Is it really so easy to use iPad? Smile

World Cup 2010 Predictor Game - Predict and Win Amazing Prizes!

With the World Cup 2010 just around the corner, starting tomorrow in South Africa Unibet is getting into soccer fever with its newest promotion "World Cup 2010 Game - The Predictor game for real players". If you are a fan of soccer and have a fair idea how the teams are going to stack-up against each other then this game is for you.

Unibet World Cup 2010 Game

It’s Time to Bet on the World Cup!

This summer’s soccer World Cup will be starting this Friday, 11th June in South Africa and betting offices have already made their odds official. Current European Champion Spain are once again one of the possible favourites, with 888 offering odds of 7/2 if they win the World Cup. Their scorers David Villa and Fernando Torres are said to be in excellent shape and it could pay up to 12/1 if Torres won the golden boot.

World Cup 2010 - South Africa

England is another favourite this year, they work with odds around 6/1 and 7/1. Rooney has had a fabulous season this year, and if he wins the golden boot, gamblers can have a winrate of 11/1 with 888. Bookmakers across England are expecting the national team to be heavily backed ahead of the World Cup, so they are bound to pay out huge sums of money if the English National Team wins the World Cup.

Brazil are available at odds of 5/1 if they manage to secure their sixth World Cup win and Italy, the current champions are at 14/1.

The soccer frenzy will start on the 11th June, with South Africa battling Mexico and the competition will come to an end on the 11th July.

Who would you place your bets on?

Should iPads be allowed at the WSOP?

The rules of the WSOP also have to follow technological development. So what do the rules say about a poker player who sits down at a tournament with an iPad in their lap?

Andy Bloch

Apple released the iPad in the United States this past April, and by the end of May, it was made available in nine more countries and has sold more than 2 million pieces so far. Just in recent times, it started to appear at the poker tables, just like the iPhone, iPod and PSP did earlier.

Play in Comfort with the Help of the Aeron Chair

Let’s face it a good portion of our time these days is taken up in front of a computer. Either it be for grinding online or for entertainment, computers are now playing a larger role in all of our lives. With so much time spent in front of a computer it is important to think of our well-being and comfort levels. Facing these important matters is essential to create our own oasis. One of the best steps we can take to get closer to this can be with the use of the right equipment i.e. the right chair.

Aeron chair

The Aeron chair designed in 1994 is still said to be one of the most comfortable and ergonomic chairs available on the market today. Just one of the many products that the American office furniture manufacturer Herman Miller has on offer it definitely stands out for its uniqueness. It is easy to see that the chairs designers Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf had one goal when designing this chair to make a chair that offers a wide range of adjustability.

Victory Poker Releases Their Lineup of Some of the Hottest Women on Earth

In this video Victory Poker showcases some of the hottest women that can be found on Earth. These models are not just sexy, but they also love to play poker. Check out the Victory Poker girls, a group of some of the nicest, sexiest women in the world! Sara Jean Underwood, Jessica Burciaga, Jessa Lynn Hinton, Natalie Marie, Jesse Preston and Emma Glover.

Lamborghini’s Bizarre 36 Valve Yacht - Got the Need for Speed?

We’ve already got used to the fact that rich guys even use their Lamborghini to go to the corner store to grab more toilet paper, but what happens should they wish to get on water? Of course, you can drive your luxury Gallardo to the docks, but that’s as far as it’ll take you. No need to stress, though, because the new Lamborghini yacht has arrived.

Concept - Lamborghini Yacht

Project Natal - The Next Generation for Xbox 360

Project Natal which is the code name for the new sensor for the Xbox 360 enables full-body motion to be used as a controller. Designed by Microsoft, Project Natal will be an add-on peripheral for the Xbox 360 and is said to not require any additional hardware upgrades to existing 360 consoles.

The Porsche Superyacht

In 2008, when Porsche first released its secret blueprints for the catamaran-like superyacht, they were not taken that seriously by the public, with most saying it would never get built. We don’t know what the odds would have looked like at betting offices for ever seeing the yacht on water rather than paper, but now it’s clear it is not just a fancy drawing. All speculations were crushed when spy photos of the luxury superyacht appeared in Superyacht Times.

Porsche Yacht

Roll Up in Las Vegas in Style - All Aboard the New Casino Train

If there is a place in the world that uses all the opportunities it gets, it would have to be Las Vegas. One thing that everyone surely knows about this city is that it is situated in the middle of the Nevada Desert and plays home to some of the world’s best casinos. Its isolation by the desert doesn’t mean it’s a city that is forgotten, being one of the most popular tourist attractions.

Bringing in millions of dollars from tourists each year, a new organization seeks to make the most of this by transporting tourists to the gallows of Las Vegas (home for the gambling yankees) in their new luxury train. The only difference between this and other schemes is that they’re trying to rob your wallets before you even make it to your destination.

A Touch of Luxury with the New Armani Hotel

For those who enjoy Armani products being of fragrance to clothing, there is now a hotel to please your accessorized body. Armani Hotel, exclusively located in the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai, has just recently opened its doors to the public, with its ribbon being cut by Giorgio Armani himself, of course. The hotel must have taken a large portion of the company’s holdings to build, but they have great expectations on return.

Burj Khalifa

The Biggest Loser in the World - Down by $204,000,000

I don't think there is anybody on this planet who would like to break Terrence Watanabe's record of losing 204 million dollars in one single year. The American businessman was a regular visitor at the Harrah's Entertainment casinos in Las Vegas and is still more than 14 million dollars behind with his payments, which means that he could even be facing 28 years in prison.

52 year old Terrence Watanba from Nebraska took over Oriental Trading Company, his father's business in 1977, which is mostly dealing with party accessories and toys. The company's yearly income exceeded 300 million dollars, when Terrence sold it to Brentwood Associates in 2000. Although the buying price has been undisclosed, it is highly probable that Watanabe received enough money to secure a wealthy life for all his descendants.

However, the 52 year old workaholic couldn't bear having free time and first became the prisoner of alcohol, and then got addicted to gambling. As he regularly did these two free-time activities at the same time, he started losing huge sums of money, which means that the most his descendants can inherit will be his huge debts. According to the first reports by Harrah's Entertainment, he had lost 127 million dollars in Rio and Caesars Palace, but it later turned out that they had underestimated his losses, which truly add up to around $204 million. Watanabe is still unable to put together $14.75 million, which means he could be facing up to a 28-year sentence.

Watanabe's attorney attacks the casino's attitude, saying that his patient had intentionally been given prescription drugs and alcohol to keep him playing.
"They took advantage of his inebriation to defraud him out of tens of millions of dollars," O'Donnell said. "There was a concerted effort from the highest levels of management to keep him gambling. They targeted him and then took advantage of his vulnerabilities. He is the victim here."

Terrance Watanabe
Terrence Watanabe

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