5 best poker affiliate site in 2021

Importance of a poker affiliate site

What is poker affiliate

First of all, it needs to be cleared what a poker affiliate is. Poker affiliate is an entity who advertises a poker site in order to gain new players to join the site. If a new player signs-up to a poker site and deposits them money required by the terms and conditions of that poker site and plays there, through an affiliate link, the poker affiliate acquires a certain amount of commission. Typically, the commission may vary between 5%-30% of the revenue.

Can I get a better deal if I choose an affiliate?

There are plenty of opportunities in case you are choosing an affiliate for instance you have the chance to have exclusive benefits compared to everyone else. Moreover it can offer you a tailored service which best suits your needs as well.

5 best poker affiliate

Here you can find five of the best poker affiliates which are pretty reliable due to the fact that they have a professional experience of 10-15 years.

1. RakeRace

Rakerace was established in 2009 and it focuses both on professional players and recreationals. It provides one of the best rakeback options out there. If you found a better deal for a site, make sure to reach out to them and they will offer you a better one!

They offer rake races and rake chases as well however the amount of the prizes are not so high but the return percentages are highly outstanding. There is a chance to have a deal individually tailored to you.

Its best offers are available on partypoker, Unibet and GGPoker.

2. Pokerstrategy

This poker affiliate site is very well known. Its prime was between 2005-2012. The main focus is on the newcomers who would like to get in touch with playing poker. Therefore, they put an emphasize on the tutorial. They offer free poker money to try out your luck and provide free tutorial videos and strategies on how to play. In 2013, it was sold for USD 48 million.

Recently the content in the site is not so outstanding however, it is still a pretty good poker affiliate site.

3. Rake the rake

This site was founded in 2004 and - unlike Pokerstrategy – they are focusing mainly on professional poker players. Ever since then there is a steady growth in the number of player accounts. According to the site, there was 5,000 player accounts in 2007, while in 2011 such number was 150,000 which means that they managed to have 30-times more player accounts in just 4 years. Parallel with this the amount of cashback paid was raised as well from the USD 10,000,000 in 2007 to USD 100,000,000 by 2010.

4. VIP Grinders

Another major participant of the poker affiliate industry. It has a very strong multinational background having establishments in several other countries other than Malta.

It provides rake races and rake chases promotions as well. The difference between rake chase and rake races is that during rake chase you are competing according to your rake chase while in rake racing you are competing against other players. Such promotions are very popular due to the extra rakeback option it may provide.

5 World Poker Deals

It was established in 2012, since then it is steadily growing site. It has a quite good player base with around 20,000 players. It is one of the leading poker affiliate sites nowadays. It has a very strong promotion options which offers good opportunities to the poker rooms of partypoker and iPoker.