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Daniel Negreanu's New Girlfriend is Hungarian Beauty Queen

In the Quadjacks interview posted earlier, Daniel Negreanu also talked a bit about his personal life, which seems to have taken a twist since the World Series.

When Mike Matusow and Matt Savage started bullying Daniel, joking around, saying that he was gay, KidPoker assured them that he had no problems concerning his sexuality, and that he had actually just met his new girlfriend.

Daniel Negreanu: "I met my new girlfirend at the World Series. She plays poker too. She just came up, she was just saying hi, 'cause she knew some friends and stuff. So, we just started, you know, hitting it off, and she's super cool. She lives in Budapest, Hungary. She was Miss Earth Hungary in 2008. She's there now, but I'm gonna go visit in a bit. You will like her, Mike. Her name is Krisztina Polgár."

Krisztina Polgár is a Hungarian celebrity. As Daniel said, she won the prestigious beauty contest 'Miss Earth Hungary 2008', which, we can say, after taking a glance at her photos below, is not a title unduly won.

WPT Magazine 20 Hottest Women in Poker List

In their June issue, WPT Magazine has released a list of the women whom they think are the top 20 hottest in the poker world. The winner is Tatjana Pasalic, followed by Melanie Iglesias and Joanna Krupa. The poker community feels the list is incomplete, and sometimes unfair.

Tatjana Pasalic WPT Mag Cover

The June issue is now available worldwide, and features the hottest girls in poker (according to WTP Magazine), Tatjana Pasalic on its cover. The magazine decided the list of the 20 hottest poker girls of all time without consulting their readers, which is highly criticized by the online poker community, as they feel the list to be unfair, leaving out notable female poker celebrities like Amanda Leatherman (host of the popular PokerStars The Big Game) or Shana Hiatt (former WPT presenter, poker player) just to mention a few names. The list, however, includes 52-year-old Jennifer Tilly, The Victory Poker Girls, and Joanna Krupa. 

You find the list with pictures below:

Meet Tatjana Pasalic, Poker Pro!

She loves playing and popularizing poker, hosts a show, has her video blog, covers events and on the top of that all, she is incredibly hot: Tatjana Pasalic (27) has already had a fairy-tale career so far in the world of poker and she is not about to stop just now.

Tatjana Pasalic

A Girl with a Cause - Sandra Naujoks

If you happen to be female and want to be respected as a poker player you have to put in about twice as much effort as men. This can be considered as a fact, even though there are more and more famous female poker players.

This 29 year-old beauty Sandra Naujoks (blonde at the moment), is a very talented poker player. Her total live career winnings almost reach $2 million, but this is not her real profession.Sandra is a teacher of German and History, a successful graphic designer and model, and here comes the best part: she is a huge supporter of various good causes, like the tutoring of poor kids, for example.

Sandra has set up her own ’brand’ called ’All In 4 Kids’, with the main profile of helping children living in poverty in Cambodia. She is also inviting fellow poker players to join her cause and donate money from their poker winnings.

Sandra Naujoks
Sandra Naujoks

'My last occasion when I cried was in February. I was standing in the Cambodian killing fields thinking about all the lives that were taken there. I went to Cambodia because I support a schooling project there. This summer we are building a new school for 500 children.’ – said Sandra in a WPT magazine interview earlier this year.

Now that Christmas is coming, I think this is the kind of message poker players should convey all around the world, so I am very happily giving the ‘Girl of the Week’ title to Sandra Naujoks.

Melanie Iglesias, WPT Royal Flush Girl is the Hottest Hometown Girl in 2010

WPT's Royal Flush Girl Melanie Iglesias from New York has won Maxim's 2010 Hometown Hotties contest. The hot young model beat more than 7,000 contestants from all over the US, including all the 9 finalists to win the title. From now on, she will also be a spokesperson for Maxim, not "just" a Royal Flush Girl.

royal flush girls
Royal Flush Girls

I personally congratulate Melanie, and wish her all the best, she was really the hottest out there, but WPT must also be mentioned here, their sense for business is awesome: now that one of the Royal Flush Girls is even more famous, hopefully much more eyes will be drawn to the screen when the 9th season of WPT starts airing in February. In case you aren't familiar with her, here are a few pictures and a video of her. Enjoy!

Oh, and by the way, she is single at the moment, so if you feel like you could make her happy, go ahead and try, life is short! A hint: she's a fan of Orlando Magic, and loves "Dontcha" by the Pussycat Dolls. Smile

Beth Shak's Crib - Pictures

Beth Shak is a Full Tilt pro. That's right, she can play poker, and apparently she's very good at it. If you haven't yet heard about her, now is the time to catch up. She's 41, and is among the most beautiful poker player ladies out there. She recently let the reporters of into her newly redecorated Pennsylvania home.

beth shak
Beth Shak, if you didn't know who that was

Miss Shak, after her divorce with Daniel Shak, also a poker player, wanted to decorate her home in a new style that she got to love during her time spent in Miami at the Delano hotel. She asked the help of her designer, Carrie Leskowitz to do so. Shak says "I wanted to take the clean look, add a splash of color and make it eclectic by mixing in antiques". Her huge Pennsylvania home has a lot of room for her clothes and shoes, for what she is just as famous as her poker skills.

Liv Boeree Interview at EPT

You can't have enough of Liv Boeree, she's all over the media at the moment and there you go, here is a new video Card Player made. They interviewed Ms Boeree at the EPT London Main Event, where she talks about her signing with PokerStars, her recent exposure to mainstream media, and her double up at EPT.


Liv Boeree Joins the PokerStars Pros

As I promised, I am back with some news on Liv Boeree, who has recently parted with her previous sponsor, UB. There were rumors which poker room might take her, the community talked about Full Tilt, PokerStars or PartyPoker. Well now the guessing is over, Liv signed with PokerStars, so she's the newest PokerStars Pro.

liv boeree

A Proper Lauren Kling Interview

How did you like Lauren Kling the last time I showed her to you? Well here's another interview, a little bit longer than the last one, but now she talks about herself in glorious detail so you can get to know her better. She talks about her reasons of starting poker, her university studies, her time working for Playboy and much more. Did you know her father used to be a professional blackjack player?

Victory Poker Ad and Teaser

Having moved to the Cake Network, Victory Poker believed it was time to advertise – with girls cake-fighting. Sara Jean Underwood, Victoria Moore and others are presented in this shot; additionally, a teaser is released of the shooting, just to make sure we keep checking back to the site in the hopes of more…

Victory Poker Ad

Lauren Kling's 5 Minutes

I have been paying close attention to Miss Lauren Kling, the talented blonde beauty who’s becoming more and more successful in poker. I already wrote about her in July, when she was participating in the WSOP Main Event and again in August, if you missed that out. Now she’s into tournaments, at the moment she takes part in PokerStars’ WCOOP events and a few smaller tournaments. In this video she was caught by Kristy Arnett in her 5 minute break, so now you all can get an insight to what a poker pro lady does between tournaments.

It Is Never too Early to Start Playing Poker

This statement has once again been proved by a very-very young girl, aged 7, to be precise.

Alexa Fisher was born in Cibolo, Texas, a tiny town close to San Antonio, where she lives and plays poker with her parents and younger sister.
Alexa has already been featured on TV shows, including a San Antonio morning TV program, called Great Day SA, was profiled in the Las Vegas Tradeshow Lifestyle newspaper and online magazines like

Alexa Fisher
Alexa at this year's WSOP

She has also participated in a live tournament in Texas, which was a $30 buy-in charity event for Homes for Pets. She instantly became a celebrity at the tournament by outlasting more than half of the player base, including her own father.

Alexa is an exceptional student at Sippel Elementary School, where all the teachers know that she is playing poker at home.
At the age of 3, Alexa started showing interest towards poker and maths, when her father started to teach her to count by showing her cards. “Her math skills went through the roof”, her father says.

Liv Boeree Leaves Team UB

Liv Boeree, one of the most promising young female poker players, has officially left her former sponsor, UB. Liv is now a free agent worth a lot, and she will probably receive countless offers soon.

On the 8th July, some started talking about Liv leaving UB, because she did not wear any branded clothing when playing in the WSOP Main Event. Also, she was missing from the player lists of official UB press releases.
On UB’s main site, all data on Liv Boeree has been deleted, including her photos and blog entries.

Liv Boeree

In the beginning of July, rumors started spreading that Liv and UB would part ways, but back then, a UB spokesman told the media that they were not parting, just renegotiating.

Lauren Kling, The Blonde Poker Beauty

Born in 1986, Lauren Kling is one of the most beautiful characters in today's poker scene, and one of the most talented female players as well. She started playing poker when she was 18, but only registered to online poker rooms at the age of 21, of course. Her nickname is 'locoencabeza' on PokerStars, 'locoenlacabeza' on Full Tilt, and 'supermodl' on UB. 

Her all-time live poker career winnings reach $91,000, with her biggest win being $24,079, won by placing 565th in this year's WSOP Main Event. 

Her most notable live results include a 3rd place at the WSOP Caesars Palace Circuit Event, a 63rd place at the WPT LA Poker Classic and a 104th place at the NAPT Deep Stack Extravaganza. 

Her most important online results include a 9th place in Full Tilt Poker's 2009 FTOPS Main Event for $27,856 and a fourth place in the Sunday Mulligan for $20,491.

Lauren Kling

The real breakthrough for Lauren came in 2010, when she managed to place 3rd in FTP's $1K Monday for $44,760. After this came her best result so far: she placed second in the UBOC $1M Championship, winning $163,244. 

Kimberly Lansing is Back Hosting the WPT

In an earlier video we saw Kimberly Lansing announcing to return to the WPT TV show. Now it is time to present you a short bio on the compelling beauty of poker.

According to her official website, Kimberly graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and was first employed as entertainment journalist by Associated Press and Us Weekly. The next stop for her was right on the top of the industry: the People magazine. In addition, she appears on screen at WireImage, Cosmo Celebrity TV and, interviewing red carpet celebrities.

Kimberly Lansing
Kimberly Lansing

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