Bwin Adds Horseracing to Its Lineup

Online sports betting giant Bwin has added horseracing to its current lineup. At the recently launched, you can now wager on European, Canadian and US races.

horse racing
You can now wager on horseracing at Bwin

The company is listed as one of the world's leading online gaming providers, and with their recent addition of horseracing, they are expected to grow even bigger. The site adapts the traditional tote wagering system.

Bodog Signs Sponsorship Deal With LA Galaxy

Online gambling site Bodog announced that they are to cooperate with LA Galaxy in the form of an advertising deal. They would have their logos for example on all the LED field boards at the Home Depot Center, the Galaxy's stadium.

david galaxy
David Beckham playing for LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy is the MLS (Major League Soccer) team that grabbed David Beckham and Landon Donovan, if you haven't heard about them so far. They are in the 15th season in the MLS and last year they finished second after Real Salt Lake. They have won two league titles, and is one of the most decorated clubs of the league.

Sumo Gambling Scandal Involves Yakuza

On Monday, Japanese police raided yakuza offices in connection with the recently surfaced sumo gambling scandal. The police arrested three gangsters and a retired sumo wrestler on Sunday, who allegedly extorted 6 million Japanese yens (around $70,000 USD) from an illegal baseball betting broker. 38 year-old Mitsutomo Furuichi, the former wrestler is said to have helped the gangsters demand the money from the unnamed gambling broker, also a former wrestler.

In Japan, betting is legally limited to horse racing and some motor sports, excluding any other sports, like baseball and sumo, the most popular ones.


According to police reports, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s organized crime division had entered head offices of the Western Yakuza groups to which the gangsters belonged. The gangs are connected to the Yamaguchi-gumi, the largest Yakuza group, with the number of members exceeding 36,000.

Miami Heat to Win 2010-11 NBA Championship?

Miami Heat has recently signed Eddie House for two years (a contract worth $2.8 million), adding him to a selection of players including superstars like Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh.

Eddie House - Miami Heat
Eddie House

Experts say Miami Heat should not have any difficulties winning every single game in the season and becoming champions in 2010-11.

On top of that, now offers +175 odds of them winning the 2011 NBA Championship, which is almost unbelievable and sure not to last too long. The defending champion Lakers are the second favourite at +300 to win their third NBA title next year.

NBA Futures 2010-11

“Those odds are almost unfathomable. Some of us feel that is like taking candy from a child. says Don Shapiro.

“When your foundation is the trio of Bosh, Wade and LeBron, it doesn’t matter if the rest of the house is made of hay, spit and aging veterans. (...) With the NBA Championship Futures being released, it’s almost shocking that the Miami Heat are +175 to win in the 2010-11 NBA season.” writes Tim Furious of

If you have ever considered betting on the NBA, this is probably the time to do it, as these odds are truly worth the money.

Bwin Profits from World Cup and Regulation reported that Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG, leader in the online betting market, experienced a significant increase in its betting incomes during this year’s FIFA World Cup.

The 260,000 customers per day produced a total of 900,000 bets (213,000 of which made by newcomers and 90,000 by ‘reactivated’ users) and an average daily revenue of over €1.1 million. This means a record sum in comparison with previous soccer tournaments of the kind. In its bulletin, Bwin stated that “compared to the Euro 2008, Bwin increased its sportsbetting gross gaming revenues by nearly 40 percent (...) This figure was almost doubled by comparison with the 2006 FIFA World Cup. A sportsbetting margin of around 9.1 percent was an improvement on both the Euro 2008 at 8.3 percent and the 2006 FIFA World Cup at 6.7 percent.” The most popular match to bet on was the Germany v. Spain semi final.

The company also seems to prosper in France, as upon introducing its services in the country on 8 June, it was the “only international online gaming provider to enter the French market with a sportsbetting and poker license.” Bwin is thus among the few companies that are “in a position to meet the exacting demands of this regulated market.”


Octopus Paul Received a Bronze Statuette and a Spanish Jersey

Paul the Octopus, resident of the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany, predicted the outcome of eight matches in a row during the FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa. Now, he is given honorary citizenship of Carballino, Spain, as well as the title “Best Friend of the City” and a Spanish national jersey.

Paul was awarded honourary citizenship of town Carballino, Spain
Paul, the Prophet Octopus, receiving honours

Everest Poker to Sponsor Olympique Lyonnais

Everest Poker signed a sponsorship contract with French professional football (i.e. soccer) league (Ligue de Football Professionnel – LFP) team Olympique Lyonnais. Lyon has been by far the most successful team of the league in the past 10 years.

Olympique Lyonnais 10/11 away jersey

Mangas Gaming, owner of BetClic, Bet-At-Home and Expekt as well, purchased Everest Poker in 2009 and is in for advertising on sport club jerseys; BetClic, for example, already sponsors Lyon, Marseille and Juventus, as well as 13 Portuguese teams.

OL is the first football team for Everest Poker to sponsor, but can easily be the most successful ever too: they won the LFP Ligue 1 championship seven times in a row and also keep doing well in the Champions League.

While BetClic remains to appear on the home jersey of the club, the away one now carries the name of the new sponsor. “Our aim with this agreement is to relate the most important values of sport with poker: play responsibly and respect your opponents,” Everest Poker representative Sandrine Mangia-Park said.

Norwegian Sports Superstar Accompanied by Beauty on the WSOP

Norwegian sportsman and national hero Petter Northug is participating in the 2010 WSOP – and his spectacular girlfriend has also come along.

Northug (24) is world-class cross country skier with 9 world cup winnings and 7 additional podiums, but most notably double Olympic Champion (along with one silver and one bronze medals) of the Vancouver Olympic Games 2010. He won the 50 km classic and, with Øystein Pettersen, the team sprint races.

Petter Northug
Petter Northug

In addition, he has several champion titles from the Norwegian National Championships, the FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski - International Ski Federation) Nordic World Ski Championships as well as from the Junior variant of the latter. Northug is a sports hero of Norway, and thus received considerable media attention upon entering the 2010 WSOP.

No less were the reporters interested in his girlfriend, Rachel Nordtømme, an athlete herself, whom they considered to be “possibly the breast Girl on the Rail we've seen at the 2010 WSOP.” Indeed, the spectacle is worthy of the hype, and so are a number of other players’ sweethearts.

Rachel Nordtomme
Rachel Nordtømme railing at the 2010 WSOP

Italian 'Serie B' Changed to 'Serie Bwin'

Online betting company Bwin is to sponsor Italian football league Serie B, from now on running under the name of Serie Bwin.

serie b logo
Former Serie B logo

Argentinian Football Star Verón is the Latest Addition to the PokerStars Pro Team

PokerStars has announced last week, that the Argentinian football player Juan Sebastián ‘Brujita’ Verón has also joined the line-up of PokerStars Ambassadors.

Juan Sebastian Veron

Verón plays at the South American team Estudiantes de La Plata, and is currently attending the World Cup in South Africa, as part of the Argentinian national team.

“It is truly a pleasure for us to have Verón as an Ambassador for His sporting and competitive spirit embodies the values of our brand and we feel very proud that this great soccer player decided to represent the number one poker site in the world” said Sarne Lightman, managing director of PokerStars Latin America (LAPT).

The Team PokerStars Ambassadors line-up already includes: Boris Becker, Sebastien Chabal, Mats Sundin, Sami Selio, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Gael Monfils, Gianluigi Buffon and the newly recruited Juan Sebastián Verón.

PokerStars Signs a Deal with the Spanish Basketball Federation

PokerStars has recently officially announced that they will sponsor the Spanish Basketball Federation and the Spanish national team for the time of the upcoming FIBA World Championship, held in Turkey this August. The sponsorship agreement has a time frame of 12 months. According to the contract, PokerStars will accompany the Spanish team throughout its national tour and the World Championship.

Spanish National Team

This deal provides the opportunity for PokerStars players to win special tickets through online tournaments to basketball games throughout the year, also including the championship.

"Our client PokerStars is very proud to become sponsor of the Federación Española de Baloncesto. Being a global brand, this is a significant opportunity to join a leading sport. PokerStars sponsors numerous teams and sportsmen of international standing and being able to co-operate with the World and European champion is an exciting project by which to convey values like excellence, competition and fair play," said Juanjo Marquez, CEO of the agency representing PokerStars in Spain.

World Cup Gamblers ‘Smoking Vulture Brains’ to Beat Bookies

With the World Cup 2010 starting today, bookies are getting ready to cash in on the multimillion dollar betting industry which is tired to the game. With the odds stacked up-against them, gamblers who place bets at the World Cup usually base their betting decisions on knowledge of the game and sometimes just rely on quick guess. But some gamblers believe they can improve their chances of predicting match results and have turned to South African voodoo magic in order to do so.

South African Vultures
South African Vultures

It is claimed by smoking the endangered South African Vulture brains it will give the user visions of the future. The so called custom stems from a traditional medicine in South Africa known as muti. The dried out brain of the vulture is said to sell for around $6.50 for a tiny vial of it.

World Cup 2010 Predictor Game - Predict and Win Amazing Prizes!

With the World Cup 2010 just around the corner, starting tomorrow in South Africa Unibet is getting into soccer fever with its newest promotion "World Cup 2010 Game - The Predictor game for real players". If you are a fan of soccer and have a fair idea how the teams are going to stack-up against each other then this game is for you.

Unibet World Cup 2010 Game

It’s Time to Bet on the World Cup!

This summer’s soccer World Cup will be starting this Friday, 11th June in South Africa and betting offices have already made their odds official. Current European Champion Spain are once again one of the possible favourites, with 888 offering odds of 7/2 if they win the World Cup. Their scorers David Villa and Fernando Torres are said to be in excellent shape and it could pay up to 12/1 if Torres won the golden boot.

World Cup 2010 - South Africa

England is another favourite this year, they work with odds around 6/1 and 7/1. Rooney has had a fabulous season this year, and if he wins the golden boot, gamblers can have a winrate of 11/1 with 888. Bookmakers across England are expecting the national team to be heavily backed ahead of the World Cup, so they are bound to pay out huge sums of money if the English National Team wins the World Cup.

Brazil are available at odds of 5/1 if they manage to secure their sixth World Cup win and Italy, the current champions are at 14/1.

The soccer frenzy will start on the 11th June, with South Africa battling Mexico and the competition will come to an end on the 11th July.

Who would you place your bets on?

Do You Like Soccer?

For those of you that haven't seen the Nike's 2010 World Cup "Write the Future" commercial, here it is. It really is quite amazing, full of hard tackles and tricks, visions of the future, celebrity cameo appearances, and a killer soundtrack. Enjoy!

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