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Beginners Poker Tips: Planning a Hand

PokerTube has recently released a brand new training video, created by gripsed, revolving around planning a hand in poker. Addressing above all novice and intermediate players, the 23.5 minutes long material provides useful hints on how to see the big picture in a hand, instead of thinking street by street.

Considering that the optimal outcome of a hand is that if you can make the villain fold, avoiding giving out information about yourself and reducing the chance of bad luck later on, there are several points you want to keep in mind. Gripsed discusses how to bet depending on your aims, maintaining control of the size of the pot, as well as some late street tricks later in the video. All in all, you can learn how to dominate your opponents unaware of the importance of hand planning.

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Multi-Table Tournament Training Video by Jeremy 'EndlessJ' Menard

Jeremy Menard is a multi-table tournament coach at DragTheBar. He does that very successfully, since he's one of the best multi-table tournament players in the world right now. With many smaller and some huge tournament wins he's really experienced, he recently won FTP's $1,000,000 Guarantee tournament, scoring $180,123. 

The guy usually plays at PokerStars as EndlessJ and at FTP as EndlessJ83. In the following video which he shared with the readers of the PartyPoker blog, he shows how he performs and thinks at a $500 PartyPoker online tournament. Enjoy! 

Gavin Smith Poker Tips

FTP pro and WSOP bracelet winner Gavin Smith made this series of short poker strategy tips videos quite a while ago, but they are as fresh and relevant as if they were brand new. Smith first drew attention to himself on the 2004 show The Ultimate Poker Challenge where he soon became a favourite due to his attitude, sense of humor as well as his drinking habit. He has made over $4 million in tournaments since then and even won the $2,500 Mixed Hold’em event in this year’s WSOP.

Here are a couple of examples from his “Poker Tips” video series.

Gavin Smith - Small Pocket Pairs
"Small Pocket Pairs"

‘OMGClayAiken’ vs. 'Jungleman12': Pots Review

In a recent video made for his site,, Phil ‘OMGClayAiken’ Galfond reviews 10 pots from his latest clash with Durrrr Challenge 2 participant Daniel 'jungleman12' Cates. He actually lost nine pots out of the ten that were the biggest during their session, but presenting it nevertheless certainly makes this video untypical of its kind – and definitely remarkable. You can learn a lot from it, it is truly worth watching.


’LoveisHell’ NL25 Coaching Video

2+2 forum member ’LoveisHell’ made an hour long session video available in two parts, originally for, in which his main goal is to show the importance of position, so he plays mainly from button and CO. The HU and 6-max specialist from Finland plays NL25 at the FTP tables under the nick ’I Gravity I’

Poker Strategy - Brian Hastings About Value Betting

Check out this video made by CardPlayer TV, in which Full Tilt Poker high stakes poker professional Brian ‘Stinger’ Hastings shares his insight on value betting and pot control in tournaments.

Nanonoko’s All Star Week Heads-up Video

Although the All Star Week brought shame on the PokerStars Pros, Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew managed to defeat his opponent. Below, you can view his match against Brezi26, with his own commentary.

As I have written in a previous post, PokerStars has organized the yearly All Star Week between 26th July and 1st August, during which Team PokerStars Pro members faced the best non-pro online players (Challengers) at PokerStars, and lost 24-11 to the Challengers.

Nanonoko did his job, though, and posted this video for us to enjoy and learn.

Jungleman12 Heads-up Training Video from CardRunners

Daniel ’jungleman12’ Cates, a specialist of online NLHE heads-ups, has recently released a training video through CardRunners. He is playing six $25/$50 NLHE HU games and is providing us with analysis of his play. Check out this short edition of the video made available on YouTube.

Jungleman12 is reportedly to take the ‘durrrr challenge’ after being asked by Dwan after a NLHE high stakes heads-up game. Though hesitating a bit then, recently he announced on 2+2 that he was probably to play the 50,000 hands with durrrr. This means the first two on the 2010 high stakes profit list would duel which indeed sounds exciting.

Jungleman12 - Durrrr Challenge

Top 5 Poker Tells with Daniel Negreanu

In case you haven't seen it yet, here are the Top 5(?) poker tells from Daniel Negreanu. Do you want to know what it means if your opponent glances at their stack? If they reach out to their chips early? If they splash chips aggressively? If they talk gibberish? Well, see for yourself.

Have a nice Monday morning!  

PokerNews Strategy Makes a Return

After two years PokerNews' official poker training and coaching site is back with big names in its line-up. No doubt that this time around PokerNews is looking to make its training site called PokerNews Strategy to work and last. Although there is huge competition in this field, PokerNews is a site backed by reputation and a strong brand name. Tons of poker players visit it on a daily basis.

They have signed Randy "Nanonoko" Lew, who is one of the biggest names in online poker. Nanonoko will be making training videos for the site.

Landy "Nanonoko" Lew

Randy "Nanonoko" Lew will be joined by Josh "LitleBastrd" Tieman, who just won his first World Series of Poker bracelet in Event #6. Tony G and Dustin “neverwin” Woolf and other well known names will also be part of the team line-up.

The site's model is based on its main competitors. As I see they have nothing unique on offer compared to their rivals, even the structure is totaly the same. So they will have to heavily rely on the help of's traffic and Nanonoko to take off.

Hyper Turbo HU Tournament Video from Nanonoko

Randy Lew, also known as Nanonoko has made a blog entry on his official site which features him playing a hyper turbo HU tournament. It is a quite interesting video, and could help with your gameplay, definitely worth a watch.

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