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God Damn Jacks

April Fools' Day is coming up, so here's some light-hearted stuff for you guys. Although if it hits a little too close to home that can take away from the entertainment value - in that case, sorry about the flashbacks of some big pots lost.


New Phil Ivey Song - Dice Dice Baby

Everyone's favorite poker song creator SrslySirius has put together yet another fabulous poker anthem, this time featuring Phil Ivey.
The song is titled 'Dice Dice Baby' and revolves around Ivey's gambling habits and more. It is a must-see for every poker player out there, so here you go:

“Tony G is Qualified” by SrslySirius

‘SrslySirius,’ the mastermind behind “Party at the DOJ,” the “F*@k You Video” and other epic poker songs, has now come up with his latest craziness, titled “Tony G is Qualified.” Yes, you have guessed, it is about probably the biggest trash talker in poker history. But enough said, let the clip speak for itself. Enjoy!

Poker Players as You Have Never Seen Them - Top 9

The community at poker forum 2p2 has once again showed what they can do. This time, they dug up images of poker celebrities they are probably less then proud of. A collection of the Top 10 follows below.

No. 10. Annie Duke

Annie Duke

The Nosebleeds - What Happened at Full Tilt?

The guys at QuadJacks, lead by Marco Valerio now set off to start a new web series, whose pilot you can watch right here, right now. I thought I would share this with you, because I found it extremely funny. It is about might have happened at Full Tilt Poker after the Black Friday. The animation is not something to concentrate on; this is not about that. The story is good, and the jokes are spot on. Enjoy!

“Poker” by Rémi Gaillard

For chilling out a little as we are nearing the end of this gloomy Monday, here is a bounty hunt promotion video from our favourite and also the craziest French guy, Rémi Gaillard. For those who do not know him, this is a must; for those who do, it is equally so.

Attention! Strong language!


Sarcastic Friday

Black Friday is all over, which already inspired some very good directors and video makers to reflect on the matter. MrSrslySirius, the autotune wizard, whose creations you could already see here, has again released a hilarious parody of a Miley Cyrus' hit song Party in the USA, based on current events.


Unbelievable Hand - Epic Fail at the Table?

I saw many insanely funny videos, sick hands and weird players, but this, I cannot get in terms with. This is something out of this world. Something unreal. Something that is only possible in Spain maybe? Enjoy, and if you have any idea what the hell the two guys must have been thinking on the river, tell me.

The Micros Episode 3 Is Here

The 3rd part of John ’JimmyLegs’ Wray’s and Jay ’Krantz’ Rosenkrantz’ highly popular animated series, The Micros is now available. The 10-minute episode is quite similar to the previous ones, however, the show seems to be less about micro-stakes grinders, the protagonists now go to the Aussie Millions, where some kinda unreal things happen to them. Anyway, see for yourself and enjoy!Smile

Black and Yellow - Prahlad Friedman Owned

Mr SrslySirius has gone insane again. The 2+2 Auto-Tuner genious who already gave us the Poker ConspiracyI am not a toolbox, the Messageboard Grinder, and now Black and Yellow.

Not long ago Prahlad Friedman joined UB, and became their pro. This caused a huge revolt in poker community as you might know, because Friedman was one of the biggest victims of the UB superuser scandal.

SrslySirius now decided to rework Wiz Khalifa's Black and Yellow just to mock UB, whose main colors are the same, and of course the "white, vegan, rapping poker professional" Friedman. Enjoy!

The Micros Episode 2

More than a month has passed since The Micros Holiday Special, the last episode of the popular animated show created by John ’JimmyLegs’ Wray and Jay ’Krantz’ Rosenkrantz. The wait, however, is finally over and, frankly, it was totally worth it: the next installment of the series, Episode 2, is as fun as it gets. 

Messageboard Grinder - Take on California Gurls by SrslySirius

Creativity of the guys at TwoPlusTwo forum always amazes me. When it comes to ridiculing things or people they are unmatched. Remember the Isildur1 photoshop thread? Or an even older post of mine, the Phil Ivey massage thread? This time around the user called 'SrslySirius' made an awesome cover for Katy Perry's hit song California Gurls. The clip is called Messageboard Grinder, and is about microstakes grinders who spend much more time 'trolling' on poker forums than actually playing the game. The song is very popular on TwoPlusTwo, so you should as well check it out!

2+2: Best Chat Replies Ever

A 2+2 thread with the title “Worst Interview Ever” hit the forum quite a while back, but is still active and popular. Many of the funniest replies by Full Tilt Poker pros, mainly Phil Ivey, are there in response to equally lot of the dumbest questions from “experienced” members of the poker community. Definitely not interviews (thread title FAIL), they are absolutely worth checking out.

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey

QUESTION FROM bxtony: Phil, would you let David Sklansky babysit your kids?
ANSWER FROM Phil Ivey: lol

QUESTION FROM pgraduate: whats your favorite poker hand?
ANSWER FROM Phil Ivey: royal flush

Santa's All-in! Merry Christmas!

Well, the day has finally come, it's officially Christmas! What this means is that we (and I hope you as well) leave the computer, poker and everything behind, and spend some time with our loved ones, and of course, stuff ourselves to bloatation with the most delicious holiday meals. Therefore, I wish you a Merry Christmas and that your happiness will have no limits! Smile See you after the holidays!

santa is all-in

The Micros Holiday Special

I posted like two weeks ago the pilot episode of The Micros, John ’JimmyLegs’ Wray’s and Jay ’Krantz’ Rosenkrantz’ animated series. The second episode, the Holiday Special is out now, while the next comes in January, 2011. Although it was JimmyLegs alone in the director’s seat this time, the show still features guests none other than TGOOP creator Eponymous as well as Erik Seidel himself, not to mention the unique humour. Enjoy!

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