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A Review of the Five Best Poker Movies of All Time

Explore the five best poker movies and see what makes them great. Join us as we delve into these films and look at one of the most recent titles.

Hitting the Nuts - Recent Poker Comedy Out on DVD Soon

In case you missed it, the most recent poker movie is about to be released on DVD. It has won numerous film festivals all over the United States, and was considered a huge success. If you haven't been able to see it yet, you can buy it from April 15 on DVD.

hitting the nuts

The picture is about an annual illegal poker championship in Scott County, Indiana. The film, which is a 'mockumentary' features various characters including an Amish farmer, a rude redneck, a preacher, a priest, a waitress, all contending for the first prize of the poker tournament.

Joe Boyd, director and star of the film stated: "We made a ridiculous movie on purpose. The poker community has been burnt by a series of unpopular, terrible movies over the last five years. I think people like this movie so much because it takes nothing seriously. It’s a complete silly farce. It’s like the movie Airplane…if Airplane was a fake documentary about poker."

Poker Comedy Show ‘Whales’ Coming Soon

Jenji Kohan and Matthew Salsberg, creator and executive producer of Showtime’s popular series ‘Weeds,’ are now working on a new show revolving around poker: ‘Whales.’

Matthew Salsberg
Matthew Salsberg

Is Poker Back on the Big Screen?

Matt Damon, a constant participant of the WSOP, was interviewed by on a possible sequel to the 1998 hit poker movie Rounders.

The original movie involved everything to popularise the game: great actors, casinos, Johnny Chan, Eric Seidel and a memorable plot on Mike Dermott (Damon), who finances his studies by his winnings on poker, losing everything to Teddy KGB (Malkovich) but being convinced by his old friend Worm (Norton), fresh out of jail, to return to the tables. 

Poker Film Review – Pari e Dispari (1978)

A thirty year old movie that I occasionally still watch and know the lines by heart, Pari e Dispari is definitely worth a watch if you haven’t seen it already. It’s a classic Bud Spencer – Terence Hill film about poker, gambling, roulette and sports betting, this is why I thought it deserves the review.


I think it’s pretty hard to write anything new about a film that almost everyone knows and has also aired by many TV stations. The jokes and punts are still as funny as they were 30 years ago, and we can still quote them at a poker table these days.

Poker Movie Review - Maverick (1994)

I’m sure most of you have already seen the 1994 film titled Maverick, but I still feel like it needs to be mentioned. It is an all-time classic, and despite my feelings that this movie has about as much to do with poker as I do with ballet, it is still definintely worth a watch.

Believe it or not, I have only just seen this film last week. I made four attempts to sit through the whole film, and on my fourth day I finally succeeded and made it to the end. I always wondered why the film was considered the ultimate poker movie. I personally think it doesn’t live up to these expectations and for the people who believe it does, I suggest they take a look at the film Rounders, they’ll come out quite surprised.


Overall, I would have to say this film is boring. Not a bit, but a lot. It also tries to be funny, but most of the time the humour feels pushed and becomes rather irritating than hilarious. It’s like when you go to see a movie at a cinema and the film is so bad that you sink in your chair, hoping no one sees you watching it. This movie gives you a similar feeling. But luckily, it is on dvd and in the safety of your own home you can easily switch it off, just like I did for four days in a row.
To mention one positive to come out of the film to help bear the two hours would have to be Jodie Foster (Annabelle Bransford), who is so glamorous and beautiful that it sends your brain into a trance just seeing her walking around.

Poker Movie Review - Rounders (1998)

Rounders is undoubtedly the most popular poker film of all times, one that probably every Texas Hold’em player knows about. This is the movie that made people start playing poker even before the era of poker ads on TV. This is the movie that every poker player has to see at least once in their lives. The poker society altogether has a lot to thank to this cult film for poker players.

I think that the above thoughts already express my admiration for this movie. I wasn’t even really clear with the rules at the time I watched the film, but it still instantly grabbed my attention. The atmosphere and the magic surrounding the players and the buoyancy of Mike (Matt Damon) make this film a must-see.


Do I really need to introduce the plot of this film? Is there a reader of this blog that hasn’t seen it?

A Must-See Film – Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

I was going through my collection of dvds yesterday and stumbled across an old favorite of mine, if you happen to not have seen this film, I would highly recommend it.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels can be put simply into one word: a masterpiece. Only those who don’t have any sense of humor left will be left looking for the remote. There are numerous scenes within this film to tickle the funny bone, but the ones who also seek action will not be disappointed. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels starts with a poker game to trigger the plot.

The Cincinnati Kid - ’The Kid’ vs ’The Man’

The Cincinnati Kid, directed by Norman Jewison, is one of the finest and first card-related films, which tells us the story of ’The Kid’ and ’The Man’.

The Cincinnati Kid

Watching this film provides us with a glimpse back in time, letting us get to know the wild gambling world of America in the Sixties. The film’s opening scene revolves around a card game and just like in old Western movies, the suspicion of cheating arises and a battle between knives rather than cards begins. Throughout the film, there are numerous other card showdowns and even time for a cockfight.

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