Digression: Betting on Trump Impeachment

This week, Card Player Magazine published an article about the president of the United States, Donald Trump having “a little worse than even odds” to be impeached.

The Courtauld Gallery Presents Cézanne’s Card Players

For the first time ever, Paul Cézanne’s group of paintings of French card playing and pipe smoking peasants have been brought together by The Courtauld Gallery of London and the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York.

Cezanne - Card Players
Paul Cézanne's The Card Players

Cézanne’s works, considered by many “to be among his most iconic and powerful” ones, are put in the focus of an exhibition for the first time. The impressionist masterpieces depict French peasants of Aix-en-Provence, who thus make an appearance unusual of their class at that time. Although not all of the series is shown, it is nevertheless a “unique opportunity” to witness an in-depth presentation of the works as five peasant portraits as well as quite a number of preparatory drawings and oil studies are staged in addition to the three card player paintings. While the Courtauld owns two pieces out of the five (The Card Players and Man with a Pipe), most of the exhibition is loaned from elsewhere, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC), the Musée d’Orsay (Paris) and the State Hermitage Museum (St. Petersburg).

Victorian Star Wars Paintings

Before you read further: this doesn’t have the faintest thing to do with poker. It just so happens that I’m a huge Star Wars fan and I couldn’t possibly pass it by.

Darth Vader Victorian

On the LA Weekly blog, Gendy Alimurung published a post on Pixar technical director Greg Peltz’ Victorian-style Star Wars paintings created using Photoshop.

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