Ivey Shows Luxurious Lifestyle via Instagram

While Phil Ivey had always been notorious for avoiding media attention as much as possible, he has just recently registered to Instagram and posted photos of his everyday life.

Phil Ivey's Instagram Photos 1
"Finally joined Instagram. Follow me. This is my chef and I #cabo #mexico"

Nine times WSOP champion Phil Ivey could not be farther from attention seekers in his approach towards media. Even though he enjoys occasional appearances in televised high stakes poker shows, he rarely gives interviews and it is not him who floods fans’ Facebook and Twitter news feeds, either.

“Here is a guy, great poker player, but not interested in any of that crap. He has a bevvy of assistants, doesn’t answer phone calls or texts, despite having several phones, loses his phones regularly. Up until a few years ago he didn’t know how to use e-mail, before that, he didn’t know how to turn on a computer, but once it was on, he sure knew how to beat the crap out of anyone who chose to play online poker against him,” Daniel Negreanu once posted about him in a forum.

Even though Ivey used to be less than social a person, in the past couple of months he has been apparently trying hard to become one. Possibly, it is the launch of his IveyPoker site, offering coaching materials and play money poker, that prompted him to seek closer contact with his fans to be able to promote his site and better serve his community.

Recently, Ivey has joined Instagram and posted photos to allow a sneak peek into his everyday life. A couple of them showing his enviable lifestyle follow below.

Phil Ivey's Instagram Photos 2
"About to enjoy a delicious dinner! #sushi"

Phil Ivey's Instagram Photos 3
"Relaxing at my house in Cabo #mexico"

Phil Ivey's Instagram Photos 4
"Good afternoon #cabo #mexico"