Liv Boeree and Igor Kurganov leave PokerStars

After 9 and 2 years, Liv and Igor aren't sponsored players by the site now.

One of poker's most popular couples has been working as team pros of the biggest poker site for several years now. Liv joined in 2010, while Igor in 2017 and they now took to Twitter to announce, they no longer are Team PokerStars members.

As the site has recently changed its approach several changes were made in their sponsorship deals. While they had sponsored well-known live pros in the past, they recently turned to Twitch streamers with big audiences, as part of their strategy - which aims at gamers.

"We continued to reduce the roster of Pros, while always adjusting the mix of players," company rep Eric Hollreiser said earlier, regarding the changes. "We also believed that our ambassadors should not solely be winners and credible/authentic poker players but should live and breathe the game, proactively creating excitement around it and generating multimedia content that reaches multiple audiences."

According to the Liv's tweet this wasn't a rapid change in her life: "Pokerwise, you may have noticed I haven’t played much the past year — I’ve shifted to giving talks & creating science, rationality & effective altruism content... but I still plan to jump in the odd tourney here and there!"

His boyfriend, Kurganov did not disclose his plans.

The company's most popular sponsored pro, Daniel Negreanu has also parted ways with PokerStars in the recent past, similarly to former Team PokerStars members, Jason Mercier or Ike Haxton.