Should iPads be allowed at the WSOP?

The rules of the WSOP also have to follow technological development. So what do the rules say about a poker player who sits down at a tournament with an iPad in their lap?

Andy Bloch

Apple released the iPad in the United States this past April, and by the end of May, it was made available in nine more countries and has sold more than 2 million pieces so far. Just in recent times, it started to appear at the poker tables, just like the iPhone, iPod and PSP did earlier.

According to point 87 in the WSOP Rules and Regulations, it states that cell phones and all other electronic equipment needs to be muted while at the table. It also states that if a player is needing to make a phone call, send an sms or an e-mail, they are required to leave the table, or else will face the consequences of a fine or punishment. It is also strictly out of bounds to put these items on the table.

According to the current rules, if a player only uses the entertainment functions of these items and doesn’t disturb fellow players and remains polite, the items will not be banned from the venue.

In the first picture illustrated above, Andy Bloch is checking poker results at one of the popular poker blogs. I mean, if he is allowed to do this, anyone is allowed to - monkey see, monkey do.

Vanessa Rousso, one of the most known female poker pro also addicted to her iPad. Smile