Pablo "goridju" Gordillo wins three huge tournaments for more than $100,000

Pablo "gordiju" Gordillo had arguably one of the sickest days ever in online tournament poker. He won three big tournaments, including a win in the field of 35,594 players in the Sunday Storm. Check out all the details of the UK-based Spanish grinder's amazing day below.

Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz wins WCOOP Main Event for $1.3 million

The second day of the $5,200 buy-in World Championship of Online Poker started with 271 players, and plenty of great players managed to reach the final table, including Faraz "The-Toilet 0" Jaka, Dylan "PokerI)eviL" Hortin, Viktor "Isildur" Blom and Elior "Crazy Elior" Sion. In the end, it was young Austrian player/staker Fedor Holz who took down the event for $1.3 million.

Picture of the day - WCOOP 2014 Infographic

The $5,200 WCOOP Main Event is already underway, currently there are 271 players left battling for the $1.8 million first prize. There a still plenty of qualifiers in the tournament, trying to make a huge score from a couple of bucks. In the infographic below you can see how high a stack of real $1 chips would stack when spun up to millions of dollars in prize money...Click on picture to enlarge!

PartyPoker High Stakes - New $10/$20 table for "Casual" Cash Game players

In 2012, Partypoker decided to ditch all of it's high stakes tables, and this May, they have introduced so called "Casual" Cash Games. Players playing on these tables are limited to playing only one cash game table, to purpose of which is to "protect" recreational players from multitabling grinders. Now they are extending the format to levels up to $0.50/$1, aswell as a $10/$20 game.

4 times SuperNova Elite player "ICANTSNG" receives lifetime ban for multi-accounting

Scott Ricotta, known online as "ICANTSNG"  has made a post on the twoplustwo forums stating he got a lifetime ban for PokerStars for multi-accounting, and that he is going to work with regulators to prove that PokerStars is abusing their powers and that the multi-accounting charges are fake.

Picture of the day - Dan Bilzerian's poor twin brother

While researching for details for today's Dan Bilzerian article, we came accross the Instagram account of Nad Bilzerian, Dan Bilzerian's poor twin brother. We had a really hard time picking our favorite, the whole account is full of great parody pictures of the Bilzerian lifestyle, but the picture below is probably one of the best from the page. 

Dan Bilzerian, Suitcase Guy

Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran an article with the title "Dan Bilzerian's Life of Partying and Poker". The article discusses his lifetsyle, his Instagram celebrity status, and his alleged poker winnings of $50 million, as well as his "origin story".


Picture of the day - Phil Hellmuth with Bill Clinton and Jack Black

We know Phil Hellmuth loves to hang out with celebrities and brag about it, and here is the next picture in his collection. He recently posted the following picture, and we can't help but wonder what topic was so interesting for the former President and so dull for Jack Black. Maybe he just saw plenty of European Poker Tour episodes online and is now going for the Mike "Timex" McDonald staredown...

Players petitioning for PokerStars Auto-Rebuy

Due to a legal technicality, PokerStars players in the UK don't have their auto-rebuy option anymore. Players are now writing a petition on the 2+2 forums where they ask the United Kingdom Gambling Commission to change the rules.

WSOP Asia Pacific 2014 - Everything you need to know

The 2014 WSOP APAC is starting in less than two weeks and with 10 events when you can win a gold bracelet. Besides the prestigious AU$10,000 Main Event there will be a AU$25,000 High Roller event which is expected to draw a big crowd.


Money stuck on Win Cake Poker - RedLudmilla interview

RedLudmilla has been trying to get his money back for 1,5 years, that he won at a room called Win Cake, which was formerly known as Cake Poker. From this interview, you can get to know his story.

More PokerStars Team Pros getting cut

Not long ago, we reported that PokerStars has cut ties with several of it's Team Pros, including Angel Guillen, Humberto Brenes and Jose "Nacho" Barbero. Now they have parted ways with WSOP Main Event winner Joe Cada, Russian pro Alex Kravchenko and Marcel Luske.


Picture of the day - Daniel Colman Sharkscope unlocked

Daniel "mrGR33N13" Colman has decided to unblock his Sharkscope results, and now the whole world can see his staggering online results (starting from 2012) More than 40,000 Sit & Goes played at an average stake of almost $1,200, for a total profit of almost $1.8 million! It's not hard to see where Colman gathered the required experience to win more than $21 million this year in live tournaments. (Click on picture to enlarge!)


YaAaRnY prop bet - Negative one buy-in, but impressive results and a big WCOOP score

Bren "YaAaRnY" Lenton has started a prop bet last month, where he bet that he can win 100 buy-ins and play at least 70,000 hands at the $5/$10 or higher Pot Limit Omaha tables in 31 days. In the end, he didn't manage to win the bet, but even people who bet against him agreed that his performance was impressive, and he also managed to score a runner-up finish in one of the WCOOP events for $55,000.

Forrest vs. Matusow - Fistfight or sacrifice?

A couple of days ago we reported about the Ted Forrest vs. Mike "The Mouth" Matusow weight loss bet and how Mike refuses to pay Forrest the money he owes him for the bet. Forrest first told Mike that he would become a better man if he paid his debt, but this Sunday, someone on Twitter wrote that Ted should fight Matusow for the cash, and Forrest loved the idea. Could this weight loss bet transform into a heavyweight fistfight? Check out the Tweets below and decide for yourself!

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