Daniel Negreanu's New Girlfriend is Hungarian Beauty Queen

In the Quadjacks interview posted earlier, Daniel Negreanu also talked a bit about his personal life, which seems to have taken a twist since the World Series.

When Mike Matusow and Matt Savage started bullying Daniel, joking around, saying that he was gay, KidPoker assured them that he had no problems concerning his sexuality, and that he had actually just met his new girlfriend.

Daniel Negreanu: "I met my new girlfirend at the World Series. She plays poker too. She just came up, she was just saying hi, 'cause she knew some friends and stuff. So, we just started, you know, hitting it off, and she's super cool. She lives in Budapest, Hungary. She was Miss Earth Hungary in 2008. She's there now, but I'm gonna go visit in a bit. You will like her, Mike. Her name is Krisztina Polgár."

Krisztina Polgár is a Hungarian celebrity. As Daniel said, she won the prestigious beauty contest 'Miss Earth Hungary 2008', which, we can say, after taking a glance at her photos below, is not a title unduly won.

She is also a poker player; she got introduced to poker by her ex-boyfriend Hungarian PokerStars pro Richard Toth, and fell in love with the game at once.

In the pics below, you can have a look at Daniel's smoking hot new girl:

Krisztina Polgár, the Hungarian beauty

Krisztina Polgár, the Hungarian beauty


Krisztina Polgár, the Hungarian beauty