Viktor Blom's grinding place (photos)

Check out Victor Blom’s flat in Sweden. A TwoPlusTwo member published here the following pics he got of Viktor Blom came from Facebook. He claims that Victor Blom, who is said to be Isildur1 lives in this apartment with some other guys.

There is not too much furniture in it at the moment, but it is really big and bright. I think they have just moved in. Anyway, I dont think it would be a hassle to get some furniture quickly considering he is in Sweden, where IKEA was founded. A good thing about having not too much furniture at the moment is that at least it is easy to clean up after a party. Smile

Isildur1's place

Victor Blom's place

Victor Blom, Isildur1

Victor Blom's friend

Isildur1 grinding

Victor Blom's grinding pad

Two more pics of Victor Blom in a bar and also in a jeans store:

Victor Blom

Victor Blom