PokerStars finds 1,5 year old bug in micro stakes PLO rake calculation

PokerStars reduced the rake at the micro stakes Pot Limit Omaha tables in July 2013, but apparently forgot to apply the change at the Euro tables and is now paying back two times the amount of the mistakenly deducted rake.

Back in July 2013, PokerStars has decided to decrease the rake by 4,4 - 6,9% at the micro stakes PLO tables (anything up to $0,10/$0,25) after a meeting with the players.

Due to a "configuration mistake", the rake change was not applied at the micro stakes PLO tables where the playing currency was Euros. The mistake remained hidden until January 5, 2015 and several thousand players were affected. 

PokerStars has apologized in e-mail to the players and is paying back twice the amount of the rake that the players paid. Most of the affected players will receive just a couple of cents but PokerStars felt it was better to send an e-mail to everyone involved then to leave someone out and feeling betrayed.

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