Poker Strategy

3 easy tips to increase your winrate

Today we will introduce some strategic tips that beginner online micro and small-stakes cash game players might want to implement in order to increase their winrates.

How does backing work in Poker?

But how does backing work? And what additional services does a backer provide? This guide will answer these questions and more.

How do antes work in poker?

This article will cover antes in poker: what they are, how they’re collected, their purpose, and ultimately how you can adjust your strategy in their presence.

What is determinates your buy-in preferences in poker?

The amount of the buy-in you make is a vital issue to consider when you play poker. The range can differ due to certain factors - some of which you can find below.

Situations where we may consider bluffing

It is not so uncommon in poker that a player folds its hand which eventually turns out to be the better one – such thing may happen because of a thing called bluffing. Here you can find some tips how to use it.

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