3 of The Best Countries for Online Poker Players to Move To

 You can generally play most online casino games anywhere at any time, with some of the most popular being roulette, craps, baccarat, blackjack, and poker.


However, the rules surrounding gaming regulations will vary drastically between countries, meaning that something that might be allowed in the US might not be permitted elsewhere, or a game might be played one way in Europe but not in Asia.

Although online poker is a universal game, countries like China, India, the Philippines, and other destinations are considered grey areas. As a result, many online poker players take matters into their own hands and find homes that are more accepting of their hobbies. Whether you’re seeking permanent residency or want a place to visit every few months, here are several of our best picks for online poker players to move.

South Africa

With one in every ten South African residents participating in gambling, the country is well-known among gambling enthusiasts worldwide for its flexible laws surrounding the pastime, meaning that its residents can enjoy their favourite form of entertainment from various brick-and-mortar gambling premises.

As well as having many popular physical gambling premises such as the Golden Horse Casino and Emperors Palace, South Africa also allows its residents to play live casino games on their mobile devices using an online casino like Jackpot Casino.

As well as having a vast selection of games for visitors, websites like the above offer how-to guides, game recommendations, helpful strategies, and much more. Before marking South Africa on your potential move-to list, consider visiting their website to find out more about South Africa casino or contact them directly for specific inquiries.


Home to 38.01 million residents, Canada should be near the top of your must-visit list if you’re an online poker fan. With its proximity to the States, hundreds of sites of natural beauty, cosmopolitan cities, and the ability to play as much online poker as players wish – it’s no wonder hundreds of people migrate to Canada yearly.

If a move to the Great White North sounds feasible, you have the choice of living in one of three main cities: Vancouver, Montreal, or Toronto. As well as being greeted by lax gambling laws compared to the uncertain ones of the US, you can also look forward to spending time in the great outdoors, delicious food or drink, friendly locals, beautiful wildlife, and quick visa application times.


Now that the world is slowly starting to return to normal and the travel ban on South Africa has been lifted, Australia is a fantastic choice of home for online poker players looking for a more permanent way to escape gambling grey areas. It is an excellent choice for those who play online poker as a profession since gambling winnings are not taxed as income in Australia, much like in Canada.

Not only does it have a booming online gambling scene, but it is also home to several well-known brick-and-mortar casinos like Adelaide Casino, Casino Canberra, Country Club Casino, Crown Sydney, and many more. With online casino opportunities everywhere and physical casinos dotted across the country in some of the top cities like Melbourne and Sydney, we’re sure that Australia will rank high on your relocation list.