4 Reasons to Play Video Poker in Online Casinos

In many online casinos, players can choose video poker instead of table games. This form of poker suited those who preferred the laid-back style of draw poker.

Now you can play online without the pressure of facing live opponents.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to play video poker in online casinos.

Can You Make Money Playing Video Poker?

Can you make money playing video poker? Yes, you can. Online video poker is accessible from anywhere. However, you’ll need to live in a legal jurisdiction.

First, you might want to try free video poker websites to develop your skills and playing style.

There are many types of video poker games. So, it depends on where you play.

There are a few basics.

Wild card games come with variations such as Deuce’s Wild, Joker’s Wild, or Anything’s Wild. In games without a wild card, you’ll get five cards on your first draw. You’ll want to keep the cards with the best chances of forming a five-card hand that pays out.

Payout tables based on your coin amount (one through five) need a jack or better. For example:

Say you start a hand with:

*A three of spades

*A queen of diamonds

*A jack of hearts

*A three of hearts

*An ace of clubs

3, Q, J, 3, A

You’ll want to at least hold onto that jack.

Starting with a pair is excellent, but having a queen and an ace with better odds is preferable to those 3s. These are the types of decisions you’ll be making with online video poker.

With jacks or better, you’ll sometimes have the option to play one, three, or ten hands at once. (Each hand requires a single bet.)

Pay attention to the odds if they’re available to you. For wild card games, you’ll need at least a pair of kings or three of a kind.

There are also double bonus and double-double bonus games that double your payout.

You don’t need a large bankroll with video poker. It’s easier than ever to get started with a reputable online casino to make some money.

4 Reasons to Play Video Poker in Online Casinos

The gambling industry is going through a huge boom period right now all around the world. There are many reasons to play video poker in online casinos.

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about, here are some reasons to give online poker a try.

It’s Easy to Get Started

With online casinos popping up all around the world, this is a great time for video poker. If you’ve always wanted to play poker at a live casino but never got a chance, this is a perfect way to learn.

You can pick from dozens of online casinos. There are hundreds of different video poker games.

And if you want to play for real money, all you need is at least five dollars to play a few hands. It’s easy once you learn some basic strategies to get the most out of your bets.

It’s Fun

The best reason to play online video poker is to experience something that’s supposed to be fun. Some might understand numbers. Beginners could play as a form of entertainment.

Each time you press a button to hold a card or win a payout, the machine responds with noise to create a casino ambiance. You’ll be sure to enjoy every single payout when you’re credited with a win.

Using basic math skills or having a simple knowledge of playing poker goes a long way in having fun.

Bonus hands provide an additional source of entertainment, as well.

Especially when you win!

It’s a Great Way to Learn How to Become a Better Poker Player

If you’ve tried a few online casinos, then you’ll already have your favorite games. To get better at anything, you have to practice it.

Video poker is no different in that regard.

You’ve gotten to a point where you are breaking even most of the time. Now you want to get to the next level, not as a gambler but as a better poker player.

Consider those poker games you might have seen before on TV. Did you notice you usually see many of the same faces at the final tables?

Professional poker players keep their skills by staying on top of their game. So, video poker acts as a perfect option to build upon what you already know.

It’s easy to play the smallest bet for each hand. Take your time, and see how the cards fall. Once you get better, you can switch back to live poker games at your convenience.

Playing video poker online can hone your skills. That can lead to boosting your confidence, thus making you a better poker player.

The Odds Are More Favorable to Win

Another reason to play online video poker is that the odds are better than most other casino games. In essence, this style of gambling acts as a combination between poker and slots.

Of course, when you play a wild card or double bonus game, your odds to win increase. That means if you play long enough, you’ll be likely to get back at least 98% of what you bet.

If you’re a great poker player, you can use those favorable odds to your advantage to win some money. Some video poker games offer better than 99% odds of winning back your initial investment (ROI).

Anybody who understands gambling knows they would take that bet.

Check out Safest Betting Sites and the best online sites for video poker for more on gambling online.

Is Video Poker a Good Bet?

Video poker should be fun. That’s a lot easier when you win. A basic rule of thumb is to play smart.

It’s important to relax and make sense of why you win or lose each hand. Don’t get too up or down, no matter the result.

Also, it’s imperative to set goals or limits. Learn when it’s time to stop. Don’t bet what you’re not willing to lose.

Practice. Learn how to take advantage of the online casino free bonus.

Video poker is a great way to boost your playthroughs (how much money you wager) for your bonus.

The best strategy of all is to have patience. If you can stick to that, you can be sure that video poker is a safe bet.

Reliable Online Casinos for Poker

Now that you understand video poker, you’ll want to choose the best online casino for your bankroll. Here are the top three available options:


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Online casinos continue to get popular everywhere around the world. Internet gambling is international from the U.S. to the U.K. and Canada -- out to New Zealand, India, and Malaysia.

Video poker is one of the more unique niches that come from online casinos. Make sure to find the best game for your playing style.

And don’t forget to double down once in a while.

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