5 best way to maximise your poker income

Some tricks to make the most out of the play.

1. Basic knowledge of poker

First of all, it essential to be familiar with the basic of poker how to play it. There are several types of poker (e.g. Texas Hold’em; 6+ Hold'em; Omaha; 5-card draw) to play. 5-card draw is the oldest type of poker however, Texas Hold’em is probably the most well-known type of poker in the world. Nowadays it is really simple for everybody to play either in person or in front of your computer at online tournaments - where you can practice to become the ace of the (virtual) table. It is up to you which one you choose.

2. Control your bankroll

Once you are ready to play poker one of the most important thing to be taken care of is your bankroll. Amount of your bankroll is depending on either (i) you play live or online, (ii) you play cash game, S’n’G or tournaments and (iii) and the frequency meaning how many hours you play/day. Of course, there are pros and cons of both live and online poker. For example, you can play a lot more hands playing online poker while the pace of live poker is slower.

3. Develop your game

In order to achieve your goal of making as much money as you can from playing poker, you need to practice a lot and learn those skills which are necessary to become a better poker player. You need to learn and keep the balance when to be aggressive without being on tilt (where you play recklessly). It is not easy to become a professional poker player however, it is not impossible.

4. The importance of rakeback

When you want to go to the disco to party with your friends it usually means you need to pay an entry fee to do so. In real money poker, poker room also charge you with an entry fee called “rake”. Luckily there is a so called “rakeback” where you have a chance to have a refund of your rake you paid to enter the poker room. In these days rakeback is an extremely important feature to maximise your income due to the high competition. Therefore you should look for rakeback deals. Rakerace.com can be a very good option as this website provides a best deal guarantee for you.

5. Clear off your mind

After you played tons of hands you probably (not for sure!) need to get some rest and let yourself and your mind not to concentrate to the upcoming hand. One really useful thing is to do some exercise in order to recharge yourself for the next tournaments. If you are not that type an already 15-minute walk outside could do a miracle.