The 5 Biggest Sports Betting Wins Of All-Time

Every day all over the world thousands of sports bets are made, but what was the biggest?


The amounts range from the smallest to the largest, and the outcomes are both favourable and extremely unfavourable. Some players bet only on predictable events, while others are not afraid to make big parlay bets with unbelievable odds. Sometimes courage is rewarded, and the bettor gets crazy money. tell about such cases in this article.

Triumph of Tiger Woods. $1.2 million

Golfer Tiger Woods’ brilliant triumph at the 2019 Masters cost the popular bookmaker William Hill $1.2 million. That was the amount won by an unknown American who bet on the athlete’s victory.

That win was Tiger Woods’ first at the Masters in 14 years. The last time he won the Green Jacket (the most prestigious award of the tournament) was in 2005.

An unknown player bet $85,000 on Woods’ triumph, while William Hill estimated the probability of this event at odds of 14.1. As a result, the lucky one managed to hit the biggest jackpot in the history of golf betting.

A bet on a weak horse. £217.6 million (but only 3,000 paid)

Guinness World Records includes one interesting episode. In 1984, an English bettor bet 55 pounds that the weakest horse would win the race. The bookmakers thought it simply couldn’t happen, so the odds were a record 3,956,748. However, Edward Hodson’s instincts were right. The horse, even though no one believed in it, came first. But the Englishman received only 3,000 pounds because of the bookmaker’s payment limits.

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Another incredible race win. £153 644

Another case of incredible luck entered the Guinness World Records. A woman in England in 1995 placed a 5 pence bet on the horse with the worst rating of any horse in the race. The odds were 3,072,887 that it would come first. But, a miracle happened and the horse won. The Englishwoman received 153,644 pounds.

Brilliant accuracy. $1.6 million

In 1987, horse racing again brought a huge payday for British bettors. Spielman and Cowan bet $64 trying to guess the exact results of the race. It turned out that the men correctly named the positions of seven of the nine horses. Such accuracy brought them $1,627,084.

New English champion. £100m (but only 29,000 paid)

Soccer fans know that not long ago Leicester sensationally won the APL. In 2016, a loyal fan of this team John Pryke for the sake of interest bet 20 pounds on the fact that his team would win the English Premier League. The bookmakers could not even assume such an outcome, and therefore gave odds of 5001 on this event.

However, the Leicester championship brought John not 100 million, but only 29,000 pounds this amount is still considered the largest won on a single bet). Pryke accepted the betting company’s option, which offered him to calculate the bet in advance at the odds of 1405.

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