5 tips to stop losing at bitcoin poker

Today we will discuss such a sharp issue — how to stop losing at bitcoin poker at long distances. Sadly, the impulsive misuse of fast winnings is innate not only for fortunate amateurs but even for professionals who make a living by playing.

Definitely, every one of you has been in such a circumstance when you play your next bitcoin poker session, put forth every conceivable and unthinkable attempt to show your best game, but the green line in the tracker is unavoidably moving down. Rivals are covered with everything: flushes, trips, gutshots on the river, etc. And you can't win at least one hand. The circumstance appears to be irredeemable, and you are now tired of these consistent misfortunes and bitcoin poker overall!

Sounds familiar? Well, this article is for you since we have arranged 5 substantial working ways about how to stop losing at bitcoin poker for a long game. Our team unquestionably doesn't guarantee that in the wake of perusing the article you'll play like Phil Ivey, but we are certain that it will assist you with halting losing! And this is already a lot, isn't it?

Fold more against raises

The main method for halting losing in poker will take a little confidence on your part. And it might sound insane right away, however, you have to fold more! At the moment that you have one pair and you get a raise from your opponent on the turn or river, then you have to fold. At low limits, where there are a ton of aloof players, a late road raise will typically mean a truly amazing hand. What is mean the "amazing hand"? That's all that hits one pair!

Yes, it hurts to throw out AA or KK. But please listen, it will really help you stop losing. Everybody loves pocket aces and kings, But you have to understand that this is just one pair — the weakest combination. In 9 out of 10 of the time at the low limits, if they start raising you on the turn or river, it's because they really have a hand! Just grit your teeth and press fold! Thank us later.

Stop using "slow play" mode

A large number of players likewise think that it is undeniably challenging to follow this counsel. Regularly on TV, we see like our idols (for example, Daniel Negreanu) do elegant lethargic plays and commit rivals to make enormous mistakes and lose the bank. In any case, you should understand that this is high-stakes bitcoin poker. Here, a-list players play against other a-list players, and in that capacity, slow play will regularly work here. But, on the off chance that you play at NL10, then, at that point, you can disregard slow-play by any means! This is because of the way that the greater part of your rivals will be inactive participants who like to check and call more than to raise the bet. Subsequently, if you don't bet on them yourself, you will lose a huge amount of cash.

This is one of the main reasons why people lose at poker. At low limits, you have to build big pots by yourself with your strong hands and almost never turn a "slow-play" mode. So the next time you're getting, for example, pocket aces, raise, and then re-raise. In general, play your hands as simply and straightforwardly as possible! This is how you win to the maximum with strong hands like AA. Bad and average players will never punish you for this, it will go beyond their understanding.

“No fish, no game”

The following tip could be legitimately be named as the most significant in modern bitcoin poker! The is always at least one fat fish at the table with you. In the event that throughout 5 or10 hands you were unable to distinguish one, simply change the table and try looking for another one. The justification for why this is so significant is on the grounds that only fish could bring you money through the poker game...

If you play on the web, you ought to consistently HUD. It will rapidly let you know who is the fish. Our ideal objective is players with VPIP 40% or more. This is another advantage of bitcoin poker, as you can play online and use such utilities. In the event that there is no such customer at your table, you just close it. I can promise you 100% that by following this counsel you will quit losing at poker. So just remember: "No fish, no game".

Pre-flop strategy

Everything in poker begins with pre-flop, which is like the foundation of the game. So, you have to have a strong and clear strategy on the stage of preflop. it will allow knowing precisely which hands you will play in each situation. In case if you don't know how to do this right, here is a detailed instruction about starting hand charts.

You can print these tables so you generally have them readily available. Quit playing hands like fish and unremarkable regs do.

Tired? have a rest…

The last and quite possibly the best way to quit losing in poker is to utilize breaks to control your level of fatigue as it begins to rise. A high level of fatigue is the first1 justification for why a great many people lose at poker. This isn't because of the way that they don't have any specialized abilities, just because they are tired. Loss of concentration is a direct path to defeat.

Consequently, the easiest thing to do is to schedule breaks, which you will take after a few mistakes decisions. This implies that you should immediately move away from the game and disperse for several minutes. Do profound breathing activities or go for a walk. This will permit you to calm down and not commit senseless nervous mistakes, because of which you will be nervous more.

When you feel that you are actually boiling and the degree of exhaustion is off the scale, then on this day it is better not to play any longer. The game won't go anyplace with you. Return tomorrow with a new head and show everyone who is the "Dad"!


Experience is the main partner of the expert player. But, this doesn't imply that have to act ineffectively from the earliest starting point. Texas Hold'em seldom pardons botches. Play from the beginning in the right way and you become experienced faster.