8 Casino Insider Secrets That Will Change Your Game

Have you ever visited a casino with your wallet filled with cash, confidence, and plans to enjoy some sensible gaming? However, after a couple of hours down and a few rounds of drinks, your wallet has run dry, and you have no idea how much money you have spent or plans to leave anytime soon. Well, it has happened to the best of us.

Casinos worldwide have mastered the art of attracting people and creating an ambiance that promises unimaginable fortune. Right from the dazzling lights to the musical tunes of the casino, they influence your decisions as soon as you walk into the casino. Every aspect of the casino is an illusion that plays a crucial role in ensuring the house always wins.

It is one of the main reasons people are always determined to spend big money to walk away rich. Whether you are an avid gambler or a newbie, understanding these casino insider secrets will surely enhance your gambling experience and even increase your chances of winning.

Casino Secrets That Keep You Spending More Money

The adrenaline rush when entering a casino is real; while it is welcoming, it can make you spend more than you initially planned. These casino insider tricks are often hidden in plain sight, and you may not even realize them unless you discover them. So let's explore some of these secrets.

Slot Machines are Placed Strategically

As we said, everything designed in the casino is to keep you playing; likewise, the slot games are placed in spots that have the most traffic. Every gambling establishment knows the importance of slot machines and how they can work in their favor; therefore, they place them where they cannot be ignored. They use premium slots upfront and fewer wager ones at the back to further increase the chances of the house. 

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Visual and Sound Effects Keep You Engaged

Have you ever wondered what keeps players awake and engaged for hours? It is the music, sound effects, and visuals present throughout the casinos. There are a variety of games on the casino floors that keep players attracted and entice them to spend more money. It is designed to forget time or other duties as they play their favorite games. All the jingles, bells, and soundtracks are written in C Major, which keeps players in a good mood. Even online casinos use sound and visual elements to keep players engaged.

Casino Trick Your Perception of Time

As soon as you enter through the doors of a casino, you are taken away from all the world's distractions. Two things you will always notice on casino floors that keep you playing and losing track of time.

  • No clocks,
  • No windows,

This strategy will trick your mind into believing it is an appropriate time to gamble, even though it may be early morning or late night. Taking you away from the distractions from outside, you will solely have to depend on your phone or your watch.

Chips Carry RFID Technology

Most casinos use Radio-Frequency Chips (RFID) as a security measure and to identify VIP customers. For example, there have been cases where people have tried to steal from the casino, and this tech enables casinos to track the movement of the players. If your chips get reported stolen, the RFID can be deactivated, which can help stop any stealing schemes. Additionally, if you are a high-roller, casinos can identify you through your wagering tactics and even reward you with certain benefits so you keep playing more.

Casinos Offer Free Alcohol

Drinking and gambling never go hand in hand as it clouds your judgment. Whether sitting at a card table or playing slots, drinking influences decision-making skills. Casinos know that if a player is slightly more drunk, he may test his luck far more often than when sober. Knowing they offer free booze, people boost their confidence even when their luck runs dry.

Washrooms are Placed Strategically

Most gambling establishments ensure the washrooms are deep within the casino grounds and never conveniently placed. They are not placed near the entrance because people can pass through the different games available on the floor. By doing so, you will desire to play some of the games and take on more opportunities to press your luck.

You are Always Under Surveillance

No matter which part of the casino you are in, the casino security is constantly watching its players. Casino security is trained to identify cheaters, tricksters, and other unusual behavior. You are constantly being recorded as soon as you step into a casino. Additionally, if you are on a winning streak or reach a certain level of earnings, you are closely being watched. The surveillance tech will pay extra attention to your wagering and tactics to ensure no manipulation at the tables or machines.

Casinos Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs.

Whether you are playing online or at a land-based casino, they offer several bonuses and rewards. These promotions motivate you to play longer or even wager high steaks to claim your reward. Some of them include:

  • Cash backs,
  • Multipliers,
  • Free spins,
  • Deposit bonuses.

The sunk cost fallacy is where players still continue to place bets even after losing continuously in an attempt to earn a reward in the future. One trick that casinos use is the loyalty program that rewards players points for every dollar played, even if you lose. However, the reward never covers the amount wagered but gives a sense of false security by taking away the sting of your loss.


Now that you have discovered some of the secrets casinos use against their customers worldwide. You can be more careful and gamble by making more informed decisions. These casino insiders show how casinos can have a higher edge over the players and protect them from potential thefts. However, if your luck is going well, you can still walk away with loads of money.