Aaron Zang takes down Triton Million London, Kenney wins the most

The historical event saw Zang raising the trophy, but the biggest prize went to Bryn Kenney's way.

The biggest poker tournament in the history is in the books, with a Chinese businessman, Aaron Zang as the champion. After outlasting a star-studded field of 54, Zang took home £13,779,491 and the trophy. However, thanks to a deal in the heads-up, the biggest winner of the event is Bryn Kenney, who walked away with £16,890,509 and is now the leader of the All-time Money List, with $55,505,630 in total live earnings.

What's even more impressive about Bryn's run, is that he already had more than $9 million in earnings in 2019.

The top eleven spots were paid in the event, with Winfred Yu, becoming the first player to cash. Yu left in 11th place, good for £1.1 million. Chinese Chin Weil Lim and Wai Leong Chan busted almost at the same time, in 10th and 9th place for £1.1 million and £1.2 million respectively, meaning the final table started with only eight players.

The final table of eight

The final eight consisted of three businessmen and five poker pros. The first casualty was Canada's high-roller regular, Timothy Adams, who walked away with £1.4 million. Adams was followed by businessman and regular in the Las Vegas and LA high-stakes cash games Alfred 'Big Al' DeCarolis, who took home £1.72 million.

After Al, another recreational player busted, Bill Perkins, who's 6th-place finish worthed £2.2 million this time.

Perkins wasn't able to beat aces

Despite starting the final table as the massive chip leader, Vivek Rajkumar busted in 5th place, but the £3 million score seems like a nice consolation prize for the leader of India's All-time Money List.

High-roller crusher, Stephen Chidwick departed in 4th place for £4.4 million, leaving fellow high-stakes tournament specialists Dan Smith and Bryn Kenney, and the eventual champion Aaron Zang three-handed.

Smith finally put his remaining chips into the middle with ace-ten and was in a good shape against Kenney's queen-ten, but the latter managed to outdraw the better starting hand, meaning Smith hit the rail in 3rd place which earned him £7.2 million.

The US pro started the heads up with a big lead over the Chinese businessman, but - probably because of the sky-high stakes - he agreed on a deal, which saved Kenney £16,890,509 and Zang £13,779,791.

They kept on playing for the trophy, and after a successful double up, Aaron was eventually able to take close out the event, when his flopped top pair managed to hold against the nut-flush draw of Kenney's.

“I wanted the trophy but it’s the biggest win that anybody’s ever had, number one on the all-time money list, what can I complain about?” Kenney said afterward. “It’s incredible.”

Final results

1 – Aaron Zang, China, £13,779,791*
2 – Bryn Kenney, United States, £16,890,509*

3 – Dan Smith, United States, £7.2 million
4 – Stephen Chidwick, UK, £4.41 million
5 – Vivek Rajkumar, India, £3 million
6 – Bill Perkins, United States, £2.2 million
7 – Alfred DeCarolis, United States, £1.72 million
8 – Timothy Adams, Canada, £1.4 million

9 – Wai Leong Chan, China, £1.2 million
10 – Chin Wei Lim, China, £1.1 million
11 – Winfred Yu, Hong Kong, £1.1 million

*denotes heads-up deal